Little Women: Atlanta Recap – The Trouble With Hubble Bubble

On last night’s Little Women: Atlanta Monie Cashette tried to break into the entertainment business as a video vixen casting agent. Like many things Monie has tried as of late, t’was not a success!

Everyone is still reeling over the fight between the Tiny Twins and The Cheeks. Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup blame the twins for instigating. Bri got involved because she was defending pregnant Emily, Emily got involved because it was two twins to one Cheek! Bri complains that Andrea Salinas thought Bri was pushing Amanda Salinas, when Bri was actually just warning her to back up. Andrea mistook Bri’s raised hand as a shove, rushing over to defend her sister, and that’s where things got out of hand! 



Bri and Emily blame the twins’ insecurity and desperation to break into the Atlanta club scene for creating unnecessary drama. Predictably Andrea and Amanda see things differently. They can’t believe pregnant Emily would be in the club, twerking, and blame her mouth for escalating the situation. It doesn’t matter to Andrea that Emily is pregnant – next time she’ll fight back. Oddly the twins STILL consider Emily and Bri friends and hope everyone will move on. Yet, they believe Emily controls Bri, so if Emily stays mad, Bri will too. 

Even weirder – all the girls are supposed to go out with Minnie Ross. Emily and Bri don’t think the twins will dare show up, but Andrea and Amanda think it’s best to go and pretend the fight never happened!

Minnie and Monie meet Bri, Emily, and Wooda at the club. Before they go in Minnie warns them to stop the foolishness, since they’re all friends. Emily and Bri are shocked when Amanda and Andrea walk in. They engage in some she-said/she-said; Emily “pops off” about the twins getting in their faces first, but the twins argue that it was Emily who started everything with her mouth.


Minnie intervenes to remind them to keep in check. All of the sudden Emily is like OK, let’s be friends even though you pushed me while I’m pregnant and I dragged your fake hair across the floor of a club. CHEERS! Seriously – Emily is the least exhausted pregnant woman I’ve ever met! In my first trimester I could barely get out of bed to eat!

With all THAT behind them, Monie still feels like she and Minnie have unresolved issues after Minnie confessed to lying about her relationship with Pastor Troy. Because they’re close friends, Monie decides to trust that Minnie won’t lie again. Monie gets her hair done at Minnie’s salon, and brings up the Pastor Troy incident. Minnie promises she’ll never be dishonest again, and Monie promises to let it go. Then Monie tells Minnie about her new job casting a music video for her friend “Turb” and his twerking song “Hubble Bubble.” Minnie, like the rest of us, has no idea what a “hubble bubble” is.


Monie wants to empower little people and show everyone they’re just as sexy as average sized people, so she wants all her friends to be in the video. Turb likes the concept, thinking it will give his video an edge. Minnie refuses to be part of it unless she loses weight. 

Across town, Bri, Wooda, and Malik go to the park where Bri confronts Wooda about their non-relationship. Bri wants counseling to figure out how to be a family for Malik – a family meaning Bri and Wooda are a couple. Wooda seems like a great dad, but he’s horribly selfish with Bri, who puts up with it! Wooda insists he doesn’t need counseling, but Bri does. Eventually Wooda agrees to go along while BRI gets counseling, but he’s only going for Malik – not Bri! 

After being inspired by Re-Bootcamp, Bri and Wooda see Pastor Calvin and his wife for therapy. They both admit to never being in a relationship with each other – other than hooking up – and Wooda fesses-up to seeing someone else. Pastor Calvin and his wife advise Bri to give up on the idea of Wooda. Girl – he’s just not that into you!

Bri is shocked that Pastor Calvin, like everyone else, thinks Wooda isn’t worth her time. He even point-blank asks Bri why she would settle and put up with his BS? Thankfully Bri finally realizes Malik will still have a dad, even if she and Wooda aren’t a family. Bri decides to she and Malik will move in with Emily


While Bri is unpacking at Emily’s, Monie texts to ask if they’ll be in Turb’s video. Emily and Bri find the idea hilarious but call Monie to find out what’s up. Emily and Bri are dubious, since they’ve been in several other “legit” music videos, but agree to do it for Monie. There’s just one caveat: it’s unpaid, which is weird to The Cheeks. Emily instantly worries that it will be another case of little people being exploited as freak factor. 

The Tiny Twins are also on board, but there’s one issue: The director and Turb decided Minnie doesn’t fulfill the criteria in the looks department! Monie is forced to tell her friend the bad news. Minnie didn’t want to be in the video, but it’s still hurtful. It’s even more disappointing because Minnie has been dieting and working hard to lose weight in preparation. Monie tries to soften the blow that Minnie is too wholesome and sweet looking, but Minnie knows it’s about her weight. I will say, she’s looking great with the weight loss! 

Monie asks Minnie to come to the shoot as support, since she’s nervous about everything going OK. She’s also nervous that it could turn out to be another case of little people being ‘used’ to get extra attention for Turb’s song, and they’ll be mocked instead of celebrated. Minnie agrees to go along as hair and makeup. 

Bri is still feeling really sad about the uhhhhh… whatever you call her split with Wooda. Her mom and brother visit to cheer her up. Bri’s mom is a little person but her brother is averaged-sized. After years of hearing about the nonsense with Wooda, Bri’s family is relieved she’s moving on. Bri’s own father was the same way, but her mom stayed with him for the kids, hoping he’d change, but he never did. Bri realizes she had a great father, even though he wasn’t with her mom, and accepts that Malik will be better off with two happy parents, co-parenting, than constant fighting over their relationship (or non-relationship). 

While Bri is facing reality about Wooda, Emily isn’t giving up on the idea of being in a relationship with Lontel! She believes if he sees an ultrasound of their baby, he’ll come back. Emily was already a single mom (Really? Where’s Ava again?) with Ava, and doesn’t want to do it again. 

Lontel and Emily go to the OB/GYN and see the baby. Lontel is excited viewing the ultrasound but seems no closer to wanting to be involved with Emily OR fatherhood. That’s not the only bad news! The doctor tells Emily she’s gained 4 lbs since her last appointment, and her blood pressure is “through the roof.” Emily realizes she’s been focusing too much on drama (like fighting with The Twins) and not enough on taking care of herself. She promises to eat healthier and take it easy. Hopefully living with Bri, who seems extremely calm, will simmer Emily down! 

On the day of the video, the ladies assemble at a warehouse where the shoot is taking place. A low-rider is driven in as the ‘lone prop.’


Before even getting through the door Emily has serious doubts about how unprofessional everything appears, especially compared to other sets she’s been on. Then they meet the director. He doesn’t have any concrete concept for the video, there’s no video crew, and the ladies haven’t even seen the contracts yet. Even worse, he can’t even remember Monie’s name and keeps calling her Brittany. The director planned to have advertisers involved somehow and hoped to use the video footage to promote something. What exactly, isn’t specified. 

Emily immediately decides she’s not participating and uses being pregnant as an excuse. In the dressing room she warns the other girls that legally the contracts don’t stipulate what the footage will be used for, so they could use it for anything – even to mock little people, or to use their likeness to get attention for something else. Monie still believes Turb is her friend and therefore it’s legit. Minnie, on the other hand, agrees with Emily that it sounds shady and worries that the director has no plans to celebrate little people in Turb’s video!


Minnie confronts Monie about how disorganized and unprofessional the entire thing is – like where is the set list, there’s nothing arranged, there isn’t even a crew – just one director who seems high and is wearing a hot pink shirt with red pants!

Monie agrees to talk talk to Turb and the director for reassurance that the video is legit and they aren’t planning to misuse anyone’s image, unfortunately the director calls her Brittany again! Still, Monie and the twins decide to go through with it, Bri remains non-committal. 

In the first take, they realize the director is filming the entire shoot WITH A HANDYCAM! There’s no lighting. No sound crew – just Turb rapping about “hubble bubbles” to a backing track, in front of a car while Monie bops awkwardly to the music. The only directives are, when the director yells “Action” they shoot, when he yells “cut” they’re done. After Monie shoots her scene, Andrea and Amanda start twerking, but the director cuts filming because he wasn’t ready. Monie questions him, but he again calls her Brittany – that is it for Emily and Minnie who call the director out on his joke of a shoot. “You just want little people cause it’s gimmicky,” asserts Emily. 

The director asks the Littles to leave and calls-in an “average-sized” person to fulfill their role. That confirms for Monie that all along Turb and the director had planned to “use” her friends by featuring them mockingly in the video. 

Little Women: Atlanta - Hubble bubble

Monie argues with the director about his casting lie, but he’s too cool to recognize he’s a fool and snaps, “I don’t chase; I replace.”  HA! The ladies burst out laughing at the stupidity of the whole thing and are glad they never actually filmed anything. 

Monie is disappointed that her plans for this to be a positive experience for the group didn’t work out, but also because yet another one of her plans to break into the entertainment industry flopped. 


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