Brielle Biermann Wants To Go On The Bachelor, While Kim Has Movie Star Dreams For KJ

So, I don’t know what you did last night, but I fell down a rabbit hole which caused my IQ to drop to the single digits while perusing Brielle Biermann’s Twitter feed and catching up with Kim Zolciak-Biermann on Instagram. To be honest, I may have been looking at the same person’s social media presence. I can’t tell if Brielle is morphing into her mother or vice versa, but I did a double take on a photo of Kim that I could have sworn was Brielle. Also, take a peek at Brielle’s Twitter profile picture…is it of her or Kim. I can’t be sure…but remember, I’m lacking much of my brain capacity just to bring you this story. 🙂 

The Don’t Be Tardy stars love being on your small screen, but they are both hoping to branch out from Bravo…Kim as a stage mom for the next generation of Biermann babies and Brielle as the most dramatic (and ridiculous) Bachelor contestant ever to grace the presence of Chris Harrison. So, I guess that E! co-hosting gig didn’t work out? 


I know Ben Higgins is cursing his luck that Brielle wasn’t one of the ladies who waltzed out of the limo and into his heart on the Bachelor. We’ve all seen how mature Brielle is in her past relationships, and I’d say she’s more than ready to be in a reality dating competition where the prize is fame matrimony. 

The eighteen-year-old tweeted an inquiry to ABC’s Bachelor, asking, “@BachelorABC how does one become on the bachelor?” I’m going out on a limb and assuming Brielle means how does one come on the Bachelor (and I believe the answer is to forgo the separate rooms to spend the night in the fantasy suite). I kid, I kid. Surely she means how does one become a contestant vying for the Bachelor? Or perhaps she wants to know how one becomes the actual Bachelor? Regardless of what she was intending to determine, the only real response is “bless her heart.” Of course, she would make the perfect addition to Bachelor Pad if it were still a thing…

dont be tardy Brielle 

Kim isn’t counting on Brielle being the family’s next breakout star…that job belongs to the foul-mouthed and simply adorable KJ. She’s got big plans for him, but she’s only hinting at them right now. She posted the below video on Instagram of KJ lip syncing to one of country crooner Jason Aldean’s racier songs. She captions it: KJ wants to be a ‘movie star’ soooo bad, and he has some stuff coming up soon, soooo we are practicing! I told him to make eye contact with the camera and be serious and this is what he did. #HeIsTryingSoHardToNotLaugh”

She also teased about an upcoming trip she’s taking with KJ. Kim posted another clip of KJ, cryptically writing, “I can’t with you KJ #LABoundNextWeekForAReason”

They’re never going away, are they?