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Lisa Vanderpump Says Lisa Rinna Is “Not Playing With A Full Deck”

Ouch is all I can say after reading this week’s blog from Lisa VanderpumpThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star doesn’t hold back when sharing her thoughts on the events that took place on this week’s episode

Lisa admits that she couldn’t watch this week’s episode and relied on Ken to watch for her. “It was a harrowing experience, but I garner snippets from my husband as he relays the story, relays the story interspersed with angry expletives as he sees how this unfolds.”

Lisa says she lived it and remembers it all too well, so she didn’t need to watch it on TV. “I have a strong sense memory as I recall how I felt sitting on that yacht for hours, frustrated, hurt and tired of the continual lambasting from ED and LR. Kathryn Edwards I have come to know much better since, and I adore her. She was between a rock and a hard place and might have succumbed to pressure from the group.”

LVP maintains that she was trying to help Lisa Rinna initially, “We all have seen the footage of LR avidly displaying the diagnosis of Munchausen’s on her phone. I, in her defense, tried to minimize it, attempted to defend her actions to YF at EJ’s barbecue. How she can attempt to pass the blame, deflect from her own actions beggars belief. She says she is enraged by Yolanda socializing with Kim and BG. Enraged…that speaks volumes.”

On Lisa Rinna’s crazy past outbursts, “Now then, we should now revisit and remind ourselves of Amsterdam, how she smashes a glass, goes to strangle Kim, tells her she loves her, then sends “f— you up” texts. These are all the rantings of someone who is not playing with a full deck.”

Lisa has nicknamed Lisa and Eileen “Soapy” and “Sudsy.”  She thinks Lisa Rinna was encouraged by Eileen, “So, she turns her attentions to me. She is obviously motivated by Soapy, to funnel her aggression in my direction,”Come on LR…attack!” Soapy in the wings, salivating with LR center stage, trying desperately to deflect from her own actions and Sudsy prompting her.”

She continues, “But the real issue here is the importance of two words and how they can radically change the meaning and inference of a sentence. I want to kill you, I DO NOT want to kill you…I wish Kyle would’ve understood that, or even given me the benefit of the doubt and drawn her opinion from my sentiment all season, that I was firmly by her side.”

She wonders why this is being brought up two months after the fact, “So two months later, two months…WTF? LR has clarity, she reiterates a conversation that at the time was apparently innocuous, obviously propelled by somebody who has another agenda, somebody that evidently no amount of apologies will ever suffice. She…being ED. I apologized to her once more as I was tired of her nasty accusatory assertions. I was still mystified as to where her anger came from–the initial conversation in the Hamptons had provoked no reaction until 36 hours later.”

Lisa admits that she was bored by Eileen, but liked her well enough AT FIRST, “At the time I liked Eileen, found her a little boring and certainly didn’t take her to task for leaving abruptly in the Hamptons, but it was never my intention to hurt her when I mentioned casually “the affair.” It had been discussed last season, and I didn’t believe it to be particularly sensitive. Now I have a vastly different perspective as I have witnessed the venom that has spewed from this woman as she tries to manipulate LR to attack me. With hindsight, after seeing so much nastiness where I have never retaliated, I would have asked her how she felt screwing some other woman’s husband. That actually, in retrospect, speaks volumes.”

Lisa says the trip home was hell and she cried – a lot. “I can’t begin to explain how those days felt. Many tears were shed on the phone. I did not want to get on that boat, even the journey home (26 hours) being ignored, is all a form of silent bullying, something I would never be a party to. I have tried to reason, tried to remain calm, tried to make sense of a senseless situation. Now I realize I gave too much credence to their antagonism, just by virtue of the fact that I sat their and endured it. Guilt of their actions with regard to Munchausesn and infidelity is their motivation.”

She denies playing the victim and is glad for the support of her fans, “I thank you for your indomitable support. No, as LR has said, I didn’t play the victim. The victim would be better played by a C-list actress who would depart in floods of tears. I sat there.”

Lisa signs off, acknowledging that there are more important life matters to attend to.

I’m so sick of the M word but Munchausen messiness aside, I will always appreciate that Lisa Rinna has questioned the Yolanda sickie selfies, among other things related to this “journey.”  I hate that it’s causing turmoil between the rest of the cast, though. Lets return to shopping and taking glamorous trips and remodeling mansions, mmkay?


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