Dorinda Medley Fights With Bethenny Frankel; Defends John On WWHL

Andy Cohen was in shady form tonight on Watch What Happens Live and that’s just the way we like him! Dorinda Medley was his guest (Tweet-fighting with Bethenny right up until they went on the air), along with Marie Osmond. Dorinda did her best to defend John Mahdessian and slammed Bethenny a little along the way…

Andy starts right off by mentioning that Bethenny and Dorinda were going at it on Twitter (see those at the end). Dorinda’s reply: “Well, don’t you think she deserves it?”

Dorinda say she felt that the ladies set up an ambush at her party regarding John. Andy then makes her play the “Sell Us John” game. She has 20 seconds to convince us why he’s such a great guy. “I love him, he makes me laugh, he’s always positive and happy. He’s a good boyfriend and he came into my life at a time when I needed a really good friend and someone to support me and be part of my life. And I choose him, that’s the end game. I choose him.”

Andy reads a Tweet from Ramona Singer saying how much she loves Dorinda and Dorinda says that it makes her very happy and she wants to cry.

A caller asks Dorinda if Hannah moved out and if John moved in. She says that Hannah is in the audience and doesn’t like her to talk about these things and so she tries to keep it private. “She’s back at school and we’re in the process of looking at apartments right now.”  Andy told her she sounded like a politician – not answering the question.

A fan asks what Dorinda thinks about Bethenny saying she drank all summer long and Dorinda says Bethenny has no way of knowing what she was doing since Dorinda was in the Berkshires all summer aside from that ONE night she hit up the Hamptons. She’s not sure how Bethenny can be in two places at once to know what she was doing.

Will she ever marry John? “I don’t know, everything at this point is day to day. We’re happy now, we’re going forward. I don’t know why people ask all these obsessive questions about me and John.” Andy was annoyed with her answers tonight and sniped back, “Probably because you’re on a reality show and everybody’s talking about it.”

Andy reads a Tweet from Carole Radziwill: “Let me just say if I could be up anyones ass it would be bethenny’s fine ass. I know a good ass. I’m an ass girl myself. #noshame.”

Tonight’s poll question was “do you think Carole is up Bethenny’s ass?” 64% voted NO. 

Now on to Bethenny and Dorinda on Twitter! 

Bethenny and Dorinda were both live-Tweeting the show and sniping back and forth.

Bethenny: “Wow @DorindaMedley you asked me to lunch 2 wks ago, begged me 2 ur party last wk & BEGGED me for booze for it. That’s me over here. Wow.”

When someone asked Dorinda why she disliked Bethenny so much, Bethenny replied, “She didn’t last week when she couldn’t afford her party. Legitimately disgusted. No precedent here on hwives for me.” .

bethenny tweet

Bethenny ended with, “The very f**ked up truth is that tonight is a church mouse compared to what goes down next week. I really don’t know what to say.”

Dorinda was on a roll with gems like, “Here’s the thing… I never spent any time w/ Bethenny except that the time when we went to her BBQ & Skinnygirlopalooza with her fire pits…She never goes out with us…she barely goes out with me!!!!!”  And “For her to speculate about me or him…is just bullshit.”

“Here’s the thing. We had a premiere party for the cast and @Bethenny didn’t show… It would’ve been nice to make a GROUP EFFORT for #RHONY. But thank you for your 8 cases of Skinnygirl margarita @Bethenny I would’ve preferred you come and celebrate with us…since we’re friends.”

We’re only on episode two and all hell’s already breaking loose!


Photo Credit: Twitter