Teen Mom 2 recap

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Daddy Issues


We barely saw Corey Simms on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 – even Nathan Griffith had more air time than him! – but other than that, last night’s episode was centered on dads, the old, the new, the steps, and the born again.

Chelsea Houska wants to replace Aubree’s old dad, Adam Lind, with new dad, Cole DeBoer. Adam accepts Cole as Aubree’s step-dad, but refuses to be ousted as DAD. Isaac’s step-dad, Javi Marroquin, is about to leave for a six month deployment, and dad, Jo Rivera, is prepared to help Kailyn Lowry. Jenelle Evans considers letting Nathan see his son, while she celebrates her birthday in New York with David Eason, who has a couple of kids of his own. And Leah Messer is getting along especially well with Addie’s dad, Jeremy Calvert. She thinks there may be a new spark with her old flame, which would conveniently spare her from having a fourth kid with a third man.


Teen Mom 2 recap

Chelsea and Cole are on their “engagement honeymoon” in Puerto Rico. It must be quite romantic since Chelsea confuses a nursing baby horse for a frisky one “S-ing the D.” While picnicking on a picturesque waterfront, they fantasize about their future as a married couple. Neither think anything will change, except, Chelsea points out, they can make babies.

Chelsea’s mom, Mary, is watching Aubree and asks how she feels about Mommy and Cole getting married. “Icky!” she squeaks. If we’re nauseated from the gushy gooey baby talk and PDA, imagine how Aubree feels! But she seems to really love Cole, especially because he plays with her, unlike her daddy.

Meanwhile, Adam chats with his boss, Ned, about what he’s been up to – powerlifting and trying to get custody of Aubree. It’s the same story we’ve been hearing: Adam has turned his life around.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Adam thinks Chelsea’s “in her own little fantasy world” because she just got engaged. Isn’t she always in her own little leopard-checkered-print fantasy world? At least Adam acknowledges that Cole is a “good dude” and he’s good with Aubree. I feel like when the dads (even the bad ones) approve of the new guys, it’s a special kind of blessing. Despite his approval of Cole, Adam doesn’t like that Chelsea is trying to convince Aubree that Cole is a replacement for Adam, rather than just a stepfather. So for the next six months, Adam will get completely settled into his new home and try to warm Chelsea up to the idea that he’s changed. If seeing his house doesn’t change her mind, he will have to take her to court.

Chelsea and Cole are back from Puerto Rico and Chelsea is in tears. Her mom had told her what Aubree said about Adam never playing with her. Chelsea can’t stop crying because this is the saddest thing Aubree has ever said. I agree it’s sad, but as Chelsea concedes, this is normal to Aubree, she doesn’t know it’s sad.

Later, at Mary’s house, Mary asks Chelsea if she and Adam ever talk about this stuff. “We don’t talk,” Chelsea says, and if she did, Adam would find a way to blame Chelsea. Mary suggests that she explain to Aubree that some dads just don’t play with their kids, but *good* dads do what Cole does. Now, as much as I don’t like Adam and understand Chelsea’s position, I don’t think Aubree should be coached to share those opinions. But even that wouldn’t be sufficient for Chelsea – she wants Adam to go away completely. She thinks it’s worse to be on your phone and not playing with your kid than entirely writing the kid out of your life. Dammit, Chelsea, don’t make me defend Adam!

Teen Mom 2 recap

Javi’s deployment is fast approaching but Kail still doesn’t feel like it’s hit her yet. Not sure whether she’s expecting to be hit with sadness or joy. Kail needs to call Jo to let him know about the deployment in case she needs to make arrangements with Jo. Javi looks annoyed, but doesn’t put up a fight. Kail asks Jo if they can switch weeks with Isaac so he can spend the next few days with Javi before the deployment. If Jo were as unreasonable as Kail paints him to be, I would expect him to be upset that Kail asked to switch with such short notice. But Jo agreed and the conversation with Kail was pleasant; he even wished her luck.

Later, Jo shares news of the deployment with Vee Torres, who seems more saddened by it than Kail. Jo is concerned about Isaac being involved in the military lifestyle where his loved one is gone for long periods of time. Isaac is an emotional kid and it will be hard on him, but he clearly has a strong support system in his parents and step-parents.

Even with Javi leaving, Kail isn’t skipping class (I respect that). She’s learning about the “birth of bitch,” in other words, the root of the word. The professor asks whether feminists should use that word. Kail shakes her head in disapproval and says it’s definitely not classy. Bitch, please!


Meanwhile, Javi and Isaac bond while excavating for toy dinosaur bones. Javi asks Isaac if he’s ready to be the man of the house for the next few months. He is. And he promises Javi he’ll listen to his mommy, but he’ll miss Javi. 

Later, Kail, Javi, and Isaac are having their last family (sans a sick Lincoln) dinner in the house before Javi leaves – they’ll be spending the last couple of day in Philly. Poor Isaac thought they had more time before the deployment, but Kail assures him that he’ll get to Facetime with Javi. And that means he’ll sometimes be allowed to stay up late! The prospect doesn’t allay Isaac, though. He starts to cry, which really hits Javi’s heart. Yet, Kail still feels nothing, rationalizing that it’s part of his job, they knew it was to be expected, and they’ll be able to talk. I guess forget about his safety? Or just the fact that he’ll be gone? Then Isaac gives Kail unnecessary assurance that he’ll take care of her and gives her a hug. He’s such a sweet boy! Maybe Isaac stole all of his mom’s emotions in utero.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Jenelle and Barbara Evans catch up over dinner with the boys. Jace is having a hard time staying awake in school (aren’t you hiding the Coke, Babs?!). Jenelle’s advice is to practice staying awake, which is so inane Kaiser can’t take it and throws a cup at her. Her birthday is coming up and she tells Babs she’s going to New York City with David and couple of friends. David’s sister, who Jenelle has known for how long(?) is staying at Jenelle’s house to watch Kaiser.

Speaking of David, Jenelle describes things with him as pretty perfect because they don’t argue. “Don’t you miss arguing?” Babs shades. Uh, no, she still has you and Nathan to argue with. Babs wonders if maybe Jenelle should let Nathan visit Kaiser and Jenelle explains the plan proposed by her lawyer to negotiate a visitation schedule in exchange for having her assault charges dropped. Babs thinks it’s a good idea, as long as the charges are dropped FIRST. Come on, not even Nathan can be dumb enough to agree to that. Showing signs that she may be developing a moral compass, Jenelle questions whether she should go through with the deal. She feels like it would be using her son and that’s not right. I applaud her for the insight, but she fails to realize that she IS using her son to hurt Nathan and THAT’S not right.


While Jenelle sets off for NYC, Nathan tells his friend the status of the assault charge. Jenelle didn’t show up for court and the prosecutors are pushing for a jury trial. Nathan and his girlfriend Jessie will continue pursuing the charge because Jenelle gets away with too much. AMEN! He hasn’t seen Kaiser in five weeks and won’t be able to see him on Christmas either because of Jenelle and her depraved heart. Remember, this is all punishment for Nathan taking Kaiser to Boston for a few days during his visitation time.

In NYC, Jenelle opens her present from David – a PS4. The perfect gift to say “I’m living with you, professing to love you, but I barely know you.” After a night on the town, David remarks the best part of NYC is staying in a hotel that’s not home and suggests going to the Eiffel Tower. “Empire Building. Empire State Building,” Jenelle corrects him. This tender moment is interrupted by a text from Jenelle’s friend. Apparently Nathan is telling people that she won’t let him see Kaiser for Christmas. Nu-uh, not true, he didn’t ASK to see Kaiser!! Yet from what I’ve seen, Nathan has repeatedly asked to see Kaiser and been repeatedly turned down. And of course, Jenelle changed her number so he couldn’t contact her. According to Jenelle, Nathan doesn’t really care about seeing Kaiser; he just wants to make it look like he cares so everyone will think he’s a good person and a good dad. I can see how she’d think that when she herself views her children as pawns. It’s called projecting, Jenelle.

Teen Mom 2 recap

On a side note, you know what PISSES David off? People complaining that the horse and buggy is animal cruelty. He points out how big the horses, so pulling a buggy can’t possibly be hard on them. “This country was built on horse and buggy,” he proclaims, and without it we would never have had the first vehicle. “That’s why they call it horsepower,” Jenelle adds, wishing he would just shut up before he embarrasses her.

Later at dinner, Jenelle is feeling uptight and anxious from the drama with Nathan. But the next day is Jenelle’s birthday and she’s feeling much better. She’s even considering letting Nathan see Kaiser more. I’m sure that won’t last the rest of the day. After a Facetime from Babs and Jace wishing her happy birthday, Jenelle tells David she’s going to text the lawyer to go ahead with the plan of offering visitation in exchange for Jessie dropping the assault charges. David says he knows what it’s like for a baby momma to not let you see your kids on the holiday. It’s unclear whether he genuinely empathizes with Nathan or if he’s just agreeable with all of Jenelle’s whims.


Jeremy drops Addie off with Leah, but Addie screams for her daddy and her jammies. Leah manages to get a reluctant Addie in the car and she finally has a moment alone with Jeremy. Leah tells him she appreciates him bringing Addie to Ali’s recital. Jeremy shrugs it off as no big deal; he had nothing else to do. Aleeah sat in his lap throughout the whole concert, though, which triggered the baby-making center of Leah’s brain. Jeremy suggests he and Leah meet up some time to talk about stuff. Leah gets a big, goofy grin on her face and starts acting dopier than Cole with Dunkaroos. She reminds Jeremy that she’ll need specifics because she’s more organized now (read: better mom and wife) and needs to make plans.

Baby Remi is still in hospital but doing okay. As I mentioned earlier, we only briefly see Corey, but it’s pretty cute. He shows Aleeah her report card, which says that she wasn’t following directions, but Aleeah accuses the teachers of being liars. Nice try, Aleeah, we all know better.

Meanwhile, Leah confides to her sister that there may be a new spark between her and Jeremy. The way Leah tells it, Jeremy was more interested in Ali’s recital than Corey was. Supposedly, Leah didn’t make a big deal out of it, but he really wanted to go for Ali. She admits she felt her heart flutter when Aleeah laid in his lap, but whether they get back together or not, at least they are good at co-parenting. Leah also has a certain respect for Jeremy because he didn’t try to do all the things to her that Corey did because, she says, he knew she was a good mom. I didn’t get that impression from him, but Leah appears to have a much rosier vision of the past.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Later, Leah throws a party for the twins’ 6th birthday. She had invited Jeremy, but he couldn’t make it. Ali lets Leah know that she put on lipstick because she’s 6 now and can wear lipstick if she wants to. Growing up so fast! Leah reminisces on last year’s birthday party when she showed up so late she nearly missed the whole thing. That was old Leah, though. She’s so much better now after treatment, or at least that’s what she’s trying to convince everyone else of.

Leah and Jeremy go out to dinner and Leah is sympathetic to the waiter who has to wait on a drunken divorced couple. Hopefully they left him good tip! Leah confesses to Jeremy that she had felt like he was the only man for her (even though she cheated on him) and recognizes there is no excuse for the mistakes she made. She wonders if things between them would have been different if Jeremy stayed with her through treatment. Jeremy admits there were nights when he was scared for the girls and he tried to help Leah, but gave up. Leah asks if he regrets not waiting until she got treatment. Jeremy half-heartedly says he does, but only because of his daughter. She doesn’t get what she was digging for – confirmation that he can’t live without her – and starts crying. The show cut out at this point, but I’m 95% sure this was followed by a drunken hook-up in a car.

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