Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield Writing A Novel Based On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Sheree Whitfield is currently occupying her time writing a dishy fictionalized novel about her experiences on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Now you know the She By SheBroke shade is going to be epic, and you also know that Sheree needs that check, boo, so I’ll be sure to buy (and review – in fact I feel my heart palpitating at the thought!). 

So just how based in reality will Sheree’s novel be? About as realistic as you average Real Housewives show! “Basically what I have done is created a reality show in print,” Sheree describes, and promises, “realistic situations, and at the same time, dripping with drama.”


“I wanted to take those very things – characteristics/issues/feelings/emotions/trials and tribulations that play out before viewers’ very eyes,” explains Sheree, “and form characters and situations around them.” Naturally there will be “plenty of shade being thrown in the pages of this book.”

So I see a MeMe character, and a Pam Z of Wigs-N-Cigs Manor, and Astraea, an attorney by day, a Machiavellian super villain by night, and a Nairobi Boore twirling near the axis of the sun trying to grab hold of the truth.

Rumor has it that Sheree’s book proposal spawned a bidding war between publishing houses so she walked away with a very lucrative deal. The novel will be set in Atlanta, of course, and will definitely feature some familiar settings and situations.

“You know how Law & Order describes their episodes as ‘ripped from the news headlines‘? Well, let’s just say the story line of my novel was ripped from reality show headlines,” Sheree tells Bravo’s Daily Dish. “And if you’re wondering if I’m referring to RHOA, let’s just say if you pick the right Georgia peach, it can be quite juicy.”

Unlike other Bravolebrities with books, Sheree is not writing a memoir, “Well, heck, you get to see my life play out every week, so there is no need for me to recap that, right? But it’s those things you don’t get to see that I’ve used as a template for this book.” So does that mean we will get behind the scenes dirt on her issues with Bob Whitfield, or the drama with Chateau Sheree

Sheree’s novel will be released in Fall 2017 – right about the time she moves into Chateau Sheree… 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]