Carole Radziwill

New York was in the house tonight on Watch What Happens Live.  The Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radzwill and Million Dollar Listing New York star Ryan Serhant were Andy Cohen’s guests and the two dished on their co-stars and the drama on the current seasons of their shows. 

The first question from a viewer asks why Carole won’t accept Luann’s apology? “She didn’t apologize and this scene was eight months after she said lots of really nasty stuff, crazy misogynistic stuff.” Andy asks Carole if she said nasty stuff, too? “I didn’t. With these women you need evidence, I wish I had brought all of her Tweets and interviews. It’s one thing to say you don’t like my boyfriend or something but she was age-shaming, she was female-bashing. That kind of misogynistic bullshit. You don’t need to hear it from not only a woman, but someone you considered a friend.”

She reiterates that Luann never apologized but that she had moved on and told Luann that.

Andy plays a montage of Bethenny and Carole at Jules’ house and asks if she wants to defend herself. “No, neither of us really wanted to go to the brunch. We probably should’ve called and said we weren’t up for it. It was awkward and when we walked in there was a really strange energy in the whole house.”


Andy then plays a clip from Million Dollar Listing New York of Emelia telling Luis that she didn’t appreciate things he said about Ryan’s integrity.  Ryan says he’s happy Emelia stuck up for him, “There’s a lot to that scene. He’s instigating a lot but she’s very, very protective.”

A caller asks if Carole thinks Luann is jealous of her? “No, I don’t think so. I think she was just in a very unhappy place in her life and she lashed out and I was the target of that.”

A viewer asks Ryan what it says about Luis that he fired his whole team? Ryan laughs a bit sinister and says, “I think that Luis is very particular and he operates very much emotionally in the immediate moment whether that’s with me, his entire team, he makes quick decisions.”

A Twitter fan tells Carole that she may not remember the mean things she Tweeted about Luann but “we all do.” Carole says, “I’d like to see all the mean things. You know what I did, the fans got so enraged at what she was saying about me that they started Tweeting back and then I just retweeted some of that stuff.”

A caller asks Carole why Dorinda wants to stay with John.  “You’ll have to ask her, but you know, she met him at a time in her life when she felt she wasn’t having a good time and it was difficult and …she has not told me this but I assume he helped her in a hard time in her life. I think sometimes they are well suited for each other, honestly. I don’t get into their relationship. I didn’t like the things that he said about Bethenny and Ramona, but in terms of his relationship with Dorinda, she wants to be with him and she really loves him.”

Ryan was asked to name the most famous person he’s sold a house to, but he can’t answer because of an NDA he signed and the person is probably watching WWHL, but he said it was someone very cool.

Poll question: was Bethenny and Carole’s behavior out of line at Jules’ house? 68% said yes.


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