lisa rinna

Lisa Rinna and her new hairdo were guests tonight on Watch What Happens Live after the final reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Thank God that’s finally over!)

Andy reads Rinna some Tweets from viewers and notes how much they were disliking her on Twitter tonight. One person asked if all this drama stirring was an attempt by Rinna to secure her job next season. She says “absolutely not. I couldn’t care less whether or not I’m there next season. I’m there to do my job.” Andy asks “what’s your job?” Lisa says, “to be authentic and be real and to react to what’s going on in the moment.”

Another Tweet asked “Why do you set yourself up as a victim of Lisa Vanderpump instead of taking responsibility for your own actions and decisions?” Rinna says she “100%” agrees with that. “I did take responsibility but I also believe that there’s bullshit and LVP finally needs to take her part in it.”

Next Tweet: “Do you think it’s too convenient to scapegoat Lisa V for everything that happened off camera. There’s no proof to everything you’re claiming. Do you have any proof?”  She replies, “Well, there’s Kyle, isn’t there?” Andy says “who remains silent.” Rinna disagrees “No, she said it.”  Lisa adds, “Lisa told her side of the story, I told my side of the story. That’s where she’s very clever. She does it off camera.”

Another fan asked why Lisa Rinna claims to own it but then when it came to the Kim Richards stuff she said she was only human. Why the double standard? “I think Kim’s behavior last year was pretty outrageous and I don’t think there’s a double standard.” Andy says he thought it was interesting because she wanted to move on but she didn’t want to take responsibility for a lot of the stuff she said. “No, I just didn’t want to get into it with her there, to be honest. I would prefer to do it off camera with Kim Richards. I didn’t really feel that was the place for it. I totally own what I said. I don’t think it was right. Some of the things I said were wrong. I don’t agree with it. You should definitely check out my blog.”


Another fan asked a question that has been discussed fifteen thousand times already – why was she so irritated at Yolanda for having lunch with Brandi and Kim and not attending Erika’s dinner. The fan doesn’t think it’s Lisa’s business.  Lisa reiterates what she’s said all along about it, that it’s odd that Yolanda knows her energy is only so much but chose a lunch with those two over a planned dinner party with her BFF Erika.

A caller asks for Rinna’s current friendship status with LVP. She says they haven’t spoken since the reunion but they did have a little moment off-camera at the reunion taping.

What did those phone records really prove? “It proved that she called me. At Malibu cafe Lisa says ‘I never called you’, so I just went ‘here’s a phone record right here’. People didn’t believe me.  You say you didn’t call me, I’ll show that you did.”

Does Rinna think she’ll be able to maintain a friendship with Kyle knowing how close she is to LVP? “That’s an interesting question. Kyle and I have our own relationship and I do think that I can, absolutely. I’ve seen Kyle a couple of times already since we stopped filming and the answer would be yes.”

A fan says that Rinna accused LVP of being a puppet-master but wasn’t she doing the same thing by getting Eileen so involved in her drama? “I’m gonna say no to that. I did say to Eileen that she should go to LVP and be honest with her, so I did start that, yes.”

Andy official retired the word MUNCHAUSEN. Can I get an A-freaking-Men????  Well, until the Secrets Revealed episode next week…


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