The last season of Real Housewives of Orange County was not a good look for Vicki Gunvalson, to say the least. She was super annoying, as per usual, hating on every one of her cast members because she doesn’t think they have the same work ethic that she does. Then Vicki took things a step further with her involvement in that whole Brooks Ayers fake cancer scandal.

No one wanted anything to do with her at the end of last season and I see why. Vicki was shitty friend to all of them and was extremely shady. Part of me wondered if she was going to come back to the show, but then I remembered that this is Vicki and she lives for the attention. I figured she would return to RHOC to an icy reception from the cast, and I have no idea if that happened, but it seems like it’s all good in the hood now. At least according to Vicki’s Instagram posts. And on top of that, Vicki has been bragging about having a new boyfriend. Well, she rebounded quickly. On many fronts.


I’m not super shocked that Vicki has been hanging out with the RHOC squad. Vicki has up and down friendships with the entire cast, so I figured she would find some way to get back in their good graces eventually. I assume she played some sort of “poor me” pity card, but I guess we will see how that all went down whenever the show is back. 

In the meantime, it seems like Vicki is friends with the cast again. She posted some pretty chummy photos on Instagram with costars Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Shannon Beador.


Funner with heather included

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Based on what I last saw on TV and in several interviews since, this is throwing me off, but as Andy Cohen always says, I guess we just have to “watch what happens.” I just hope that they put Vicki through the ringer before letting her back in the inner circle. Or maybe she got downgraded from the OG of the OC to the clique pledge or something. Vicki getting humbled would be amazing to watch.

Aside from my confusion about Vicki’s revived friendships, I can’t believe she has a new man. Who would want to date her at this point? I feel like she has way too much baggage right now and I have to assume she’s just trying to rehab her image with a likable boyfriend. She posted a photo of herself with a man with a pretty clingy caption: “Date night #10…I think. #fun #happy #lovescountry #politician #retiredlawenforcement #helikesme” That’s a lot to say about someone that she’s only been on ten dates with. I’m happy that she’s happy, but the woman needs to pump the brakes. Maybe she should have taken some time for herself to be single? But I feel like Vicki never films RHOC unless she has a man.

I’m really not trying to be a hater, but it really seems like Vicki is jumping the gun with this one – as if it’s her first boyfriend or something. She posted a photo of flowers on Instagram and revealed that she only met this dude a month ago in the caption: “After meeting this amazing man 1 month ago today, he surprised me with my 2nd set of roses in a week. #sothoughtful #thatsafirst” The hashtags make if seem like she is using this man’s kidness to throw shade at her men of the past – cough, cough Brooks and Donn Gunvalson.

It’s just a little much for me. What can you know about someone after one month of dating? It’s great that she’s happy, but maybe she should try to keep the relationship private….for once.

Not only is Vicki posting up pics of the two of them and the flowers, but she is also taking her new boyfriend (are they even officially dating?) to meet her family and giving him a lot of love in the caption that went along with the photo: “After a long week and long flight home, I was still able to “rally” to see my sister & brother in law, my good friend Brian and his fiancé and this incredible man next to me. #insuranceconvention

I’m all for love, but like I said before, I think Vicki should consider being more private with her relationships. I wonder what this dude is thinking about dating such a controversial reality star.


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