Reza Farahan Is The Worst Friend Ever And Tries To Embarrass WWHL Co-Guest Luis D. Ortiz

On tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Reza Farahan proved once again that he’s the worst friend in the world, unless you’re Mike Shouhed. He had negative things to say about everyone from Jessica Parido to MJ Javid to Golnesa.  Adam is the bartender tonight and is wearing the most god-awful 70s-inspired crocheted jumpsuit I’ve ever laid eyes on. (added a partial photo below) Oh, and Luis D. Ortiz from Million Dollar Listing New York is here, too. Poor guy picked the wrong night to make an appearance.

They start out discussing that time when GG made out with Luis. He says it was just one kiss. Reza, being the class act he always is, says a string of negative things about GG and tells Luis he hopes he had a lot of alcohol to rinse it away…  And then a few minutes later he makes another comment and refers to GG as “the snake.”

Reza then says that he thinks the Mike and Jessica split might have been Jessica’s fault because she “allegedly” might have been in a relationship before things were totally over with Mike.  “He was trying to get her back while she was getting a Rolls Royce and a Rolex and Chanel.” He says he hasn’t spoken to Jessica since she filed for divorce. Reza says that as soon as the guy she’s with started having issues she wanted to come back to Mike.

Reza has Mike’s back again when Andy brings up Mike and Jessica’s wedding – siding with Mike’s story that the reason MJ didn’t come is because Mike wouldn’t give her a plus one. “Hello, who wants Vida at their wedding?” MJ maintains that the reason she didn’t show is because she found out about the cheating.

Andy asks Adam if he was truly surprised about the wedding on tonight’s episode. He says that he had no idea what was going to happen. “I wanted to play it cool, like not too eager that it was happening, but I was happy that it happened.”

Which co-star gave them the best gift? Reza says, “MJ. Well, Mike gave us a great gift, too. He gave us a check for $626 and we only gave him a check for $500.”  Yeah, they’re total ballers y’all.

A caller asks why Reza allows MJ to be so rude with him. “I love that bitch and I’m stuck with her for life, so I was like ‘you know what, she’s acting like her mom right now, I’m gonna not flip out on her now, get married and deal with it later.'”

Another caller asks Luis why he’s still single. He says that he thinks before getting into a serious relationship, people should work on themselves and wait until they’re ready.  Reza butts in to point out that he can see the outline of Luis’ penis in his pants. No lie. Andy flatly asks “and what’s your point?” Reza says his point is that Luis is gonna find someone tonight. And continues talking about the pants/penis situation. Please, Reza’s point was to embarrass him. This guy is just so unlikable. Luis tries to be a good guy and just laughs it off, but he’s fifty shades of red.

Andy asks what Reza thinks of Tommy and MJ’s relationship. “If the bitch is happy.” He said something else that I can’t make out and then says he was just kidding. Ugh.

Reza tries to dig at Luis again by suggesting he should date an Asian woman because he needs someone small like him. “a pocket wife.” This guy is just deplorable! I’m starting to think Reza is a little jealous of Luis – wishing he could land real estate deals half as lucrative as Luis’. 😉

A caller asks why Reza and Adam’s families weren’t present at the wedding. “It was all about Adam. I just wanted to do that great thing. We’re actually planning something for our families.”

A fan asks Luis if he has hired a new staff yet since he fired the others. He laughs and says it’s just him and Ronita – but he’s kidding. He does have five new team members. He also reveals that he’s still working on an invite to Ryan Serhant’s wedding and that he has no bad feelings toward Emilia for confronting him, he appreciates her loyalty to Ryan.


Reza says he and Adam didn’t sign a prenup. (Because, duh, Adam doesn’t want half of his ugly suit collection nor that terrible home decor)

Reza is asked about his feelings on Shervin. One of the only nice things he can say about him is that he owns a Lambo. He says that Shervin is “too close to the snake.” (How he’s been referring to GG all night).

The poll question of the night was “Who would you want as your realtor: Reza or Luis?” Luis won with 78%!!  Andy continues the shade with “it’s probably because we see him selling houses more than you.” Reza tries to play off the poll loss as understandable.

I’m not even tuning in for the after show. 30 minutes of that was enough!



Photo Credit: Twitter