One of the things I love about our site and writers is that we never all agree on the reality shows and stars all of the time (but we still ‘get’ each others’ arguments for our favorites).  Case in point: Bethenny Frankel.  She’s a polarizing character on The Real Housewives of New York – you love her or you can’t take her.  I fall into the former category. I love Bethenny’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude, her sarcasm, her over the top dramatic yelling, her inappropriate humor, all of it. I can’t help it. It puts me in the minority sometimes, but I’m okay with that. After last night’s episode Mary and I were emailing and it was funny how when it came to analyzing Bethenny’s actions of the night, we were at opposite ends of the spectrum, but we still had fun bantering about the episode anyway. And we agreed on one thing for sure: that we’d both take that birthday cake and go hide someplace quiet with a fork (or maybe just bare hands).  At the end of the day, it’s just a reality show and it’s just fun to watch the insanity, especially on RHONY because these ladies get over their issues faster than any other Housewives franchise and get back to having fun.  (As we Tweeted last night, “You’re a slut! No, You’re a slut! <ten minutes later>…Let’s go open presents).

Anywho. Love her (me and other writers who shall remain anonymous) or hate her (Mary and other writers who shall remain anonymous), Bethenny shared her side of the Berkshires drama in her blog today.  “I remember being very tired and stressed from work, and it seemed that I had a zero tolerance policy for bullsh–.  I walked in and it was game on. I still had my coat on, and I was in the ring. The hair comments were just bizarre. Let’s just say that I copied Luann strand for strand. Now what? Compare our beavers? I was just confused. I mean she has had that hair since the dawn of man. I suppose it took me eight years to muster up the courage to attempt to look like the woman that I admire and respect so much. I mean…”

Bethenny says she was just possessed by truth serum and let it fly at Luann. “Then the Skinnygirl convo. Well, we know how that worked out with John and Sonja, so three was definitely not a charm. Luann never lets the truth get in the way of a bad story, and I was just set off. It was like I drank truth serum and just decided to rail into her and honestly tell her exactly what I and everyone says about her behind her back. And I mean every Housewife, new and old, who possessed the ability to speak and express themselves.”

Bethenny does think Luann can be fun and she’s not a fragile flower, “This dates back to our fashion show snake days and has just reared its ugly head from time to time. Truly, I don’t even mind Luann. She can be good fun. Her little act about me spending the summer at her house and her taking me into her family entails me going to one dinner and one daytime boat ride. Now we’re members of the mafia together. Who knows… I let it all hang out and genuinely give zero f—s. It felt good. I speak the truth. The good news is that Luann is resilient, and I don’t think it hurts. Luann is a survivor. Ain’t nothin’ knocking her down. Not with this group.”

Bethenny then jokes about Ramona‘s dog and the fact that she banged up Bethenny’s restored car this weekend. (If you subscribe to SiriusXM, you should listen to Bethenny’s episode from yesterday where she explains what happened this weekend in the Hamptons – it’s hysterical).  Bethenny writes, “Otherwise, Ramona’s dog was hilarious. It is so her. Literally this past weekend she came over, I showed her my brand new, never-driven car and she scratches the door by opening it and banging it against a stone wall. Then she blames me for parking too close. Ramona is vintage Housewives gold.”

She does think Lu was a little insensitive to Jules about her dad, “Sorry about Jules’ dad. Luann seemed real concerned. Evidently my calling her a slut trumped the poor girl’s dying father. Gotta love Luann. She has her priorities straight.”

Despite some snark, Bethenny does want happiness for Luann, “I also love that she (Lu) felt the need to point out that Tom wanted her, not Ramona. Bottom line is he went out with Ramona multiple times. They may or may not have slept together, but I saw them on a date, and they were digging each other. He was making the rounds. Luann saw him out, said “me next” and the rest is history. All kidding aside, everyone deserves to be happy, and I genuinely hope Luann is happy with Tom. No shade. She was with dozens of men this summer searching, and I really would be happy if she found the one.”

Bethenny apologizes to Dorinda for the crazy that ensued, “To Dorinda, sorry that not only Coco the dog but I also sh– all over your party. I got fired up, and I guess my manners are in NY or I lost them along the way.  Plus, your lasagna was great as were your biscotti and the sweet bday cake from your mom.”

Bethenny closes with, “This was a perfectly idiotic Housewives episode, so I’m happy, and I reckon Andy Cohen is too.”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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