Teen Mom 2 Season Finale

Last night was the season finale of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle Evans’ relationship with her mom, Barbara Evans, continued to deteriorate as David Eason took more control over Jenelle and asserting himself more as a self-appointed father-figure for Jace. Leah Messer got to a better place with Corey Simms, but her relationship with Jeremy Calvert hit a bump in the road when he prioritized his new girlfriend’s daughter over Addie. Chelsea Houska settled with Adam Lind and got Cole DeBoer’s wedding ring. And, finally, Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin talked divorce.

Jenelle, David, the boys, and Maryssa are in the car headed to go fishing. Kaiser is screaming as usual and Jace joins in. David yells at Jace that he’s six years old and shouldn’t be screaming like a girl. I bet he also tells Jace not to do things that seem “gay.” By the time they get to the lake, Jenelle and David are both irritated with Kaiser’s squealing. Jenelle points her finger at him and yells at him to stop screaming, which obviously doesn’t work. David says he takes after his daddy, Nathan Griffith, who’s a “little screaming bitch.” Sounds like a more apt description of Jenelle. Jenelle swears they’re never taking Kaiser with them on the boat again because they can never do anything with him around. Did she expect that a toddler was going to be able to sit on a boat for a few hours and care at all about fishing?


Teen Mom 2 recap

On the boat, Kaiser screams “dada.” Let’s hope this isn’t his new name for David. When they get back to dry land, they grill up some hot dogs – Kaiser Roll’s favorite – and Barbara calls Jenelle. She needs Jace home by 6. Jenelle says they’re eating and will be leaving soon and the call ends without incident. Then David steps in. He wants Babs to meet them on their way home in a place called Leland, so he texts Babs. When she texts back that she can’t meet up, David refuses to let it go and texts her back asking why not. It’s none of your business, David!

On the way to drop off Maryssa, Jenelle has gotten worked up. She’s pissed off that she can’t have Jace back and thinks Babs is just trying to control her. David texts Babs that she’ll have to meet them in Leland or come to their house; he refuses to drop Jace off, even though Jenelle already said they would.

While David is out of the car handing off Maryssa, Jenelle thanks Jace for his help with Kaiser and tells him that she’s fighting with meme. She explains that when he was a baby, a judge told her that because she didn’t have a house for him to live in, he had to stay with meme. So now, she has to take meme to court to ask a judge if she can have him back. “Does it make you sad?” she asks. It does make Jace sad because he never gets to play Call of Duty, an answer that evidences he’s not ready for this conversation. Yet, she keeps going, telling him that it hurts her that meme won’t give him back to her. She waited a long time to have this talk with him, but wanted to wait until he was old enough to understand. He’s not.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Babs calls Jenelle and tells her to bring Jace home. Jenelle demands to have a reason why she can’t have Jace back. Babs gives her a reason: David. He’s controlling Jenelle and Babs will not let him have control of Jace. She points out that this is between her, Jenelle, and Jace – not David. If she gets rid of the crazy boyfriends, maybe she can get Jace back. Jenelle defends David by calling Babs an idiot then tells her she had to explain to Jace why she can’t have him and that they have to go to a place called court. Babs accuses Jenelle and David of brainwashing Jace (I’m sure they are) and takes a big swig of wine (probably why she didn’t want to drive to pick him up). Jenelle claims she has a stable environment for Jace, but Babs disagrees: “You take off every other week and dump your kids off with other people.” Thank god someone FINALLY called her out! “Um, no, I’ve been going for medical reasons,” Jenelle counters. “Spring break is medical?” Babs asks. #sipstea

The arguing continues back and forth and Babs finally asks why Jenelle can’t just bring Jace home. Jenelle refuses to drop him off. She’s going to wait at the BP station in Leland for Babs. Babs concedes defeat, but swears it will be a long time before Jace goes back to Jenelle’s house again. “You hear that, Jace?” Jenelle asks. He has heard the entire argument because he’s been in the backseat the whole time. Poor kid. David gets back in the car and of course has to get a word in. “He needs to be in a more stable environment,” David snarls. “He needs to be in a more stable environment,” Jenelle repeats to Babs before quickly saying bye and hanging up. They’re right, he does need to be in a more stable environment – he needs to not be around David or Jenelle when she’s under David’s influence. 


Corey plays teeball with the girlses while Leah dishes with friend Kayla over froyo. Leah got the new custody order, which grants 50/50 custody to her and Corey. I thought that’s what the original order said, but she seems satisfied. She recognizes that it was Corey’s lawyer who was pushing to have the language in the order changed from “joint custodian,” so she’s cool with Corey (for now). Kayla asks about the video situation and Leah said it turned out to be a good conversation. She throws a little shade, blaming Corey for misinterpreting what she said, but everyone agreed that the most important issue was addressing how Ali felt.

Leah’s on cloud nine after finally resolving custody with Corey, being in a good place with him and Jeremy, and reaching her one year anniversary out of treatment, so she’s going to throw a BBQ at her house to celebrate.

Later, Leah sees on Facebook that Jeremy’s in a relationship with a girl named Brooke, whom he dated right after they divorced. She’s a single mom with a little girl and Leah decides she won’t disrespect Brooke the way she disrespected Miranda. Obviously, Leah still has room for improvement, but this is a good indication that she’s maturing. When she drops Addie off with Jeremy, she introduces herself to Brooke, is very cordial, and leaves without incident. Hopefully she can keep this up!

Teen Mom 2 recap

The day of the cookout, Jeremy texts Leah that he dropped Addie off with his mom because he had to pick up Brooke’s daughter. Leah’s pissed. Addie only gets to spend so much time with the twins before they go to Corey’s house. She says Jeremy needs to stop worrying about someone else’s daughter and worry about his own. Leah’s sister starts to get the crazy rage eyes, but Leah decides she’s not going to let this ruin anything. Her sister calms down and offers to pick Addie up.

Leah tells her brother-in-law about all the improvement she’s made over the past year and recalls times when she just wanted to give up. But thinking of those three little girlses’ faces forced her to push through. Before the twins leave for their daddy’s house, Leah sits with all three girls making s’mores together and tells them how much she loves them.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Chelsea hangs out with her friend Britnee for an Adam-bashing sesh. She hasn’t heard from him, but she has heard from his lawyer, who offered a settlement close to what the child support referee had recommended. Chelsea agreed to settle and is relieved to be done with court for a while. Unfortunately, she’ll always have Adam in her life. He has been posting about the child support situation on social media, saying “I guess she needs the money.” Chelsea points out that the child support is not for her, it’s for Aubree, and it’s not like he pays it anyway, so he should STFU. She also adds he’s a narcissist, victim, and hasn’t grown up. Agreed.

Chelsea’s content – the child support matter is settled and she can move on with her piggy and her man and, eventually, her house full of babies. On a lunch date with Cole, they talk about exactly how full that house will be. Chelsea wants seven! Cole’s thinking three is enough.

Later, Cole’s ring arrives in the mail. He’s loves it and Chelsea knew it would be perfect for him. It’s made of antlers, gold, and wood and fits right in with Chelsea’s lumberjack wardrobe. They joke about Pete the Pig being the ring bearer, who walks around with the ring box on his back. He’s perfect for the job! When Aubree comes home from Adam’s parents’ house, she gives her approval of Cole’s ring. Turns out, she’s going to be Chelsea’s maid of honor and she’ll walk down the aisle with Cole. So cute. The three give each other a big hug and Aubree tells Chelsea and Cole she loves them.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Kail FaceTimes Javi and unenthusiastically asks how his day was. He has nothing interesting to tell her about, so she fills him in on her trip to New York. She warns him that things are going to change a little bit. Everything has been about Javi’s career, but now it’s her turn to focus on her career, she asserts rather aggressively. “I’ve been thinking about where my professional goals are going to take us — take me.” The shift of focus to herself is telling. Javi reminds her that she has to think about their whole family, but she’s on her own path and Javi can either tag along or take a hike.

Kail, who leading up to the deployment repeatedly said it would be no big deal, has decided that it’s been harder than either of them had imagined and questions whether they’re strong enough to last. Javi says they need to decide if they’re willing to give each other everything to make it work, because right now they’re just going through the motions. He also wants to feel like a priority in Kail’s life. Kail admits she has struggled with making him a priority because of the miscarriage. She didn’t have much time to process it and hearing that he blamed her for it right before he left made it that much worse. Javi says they need to make a decision on what to do because if things go back to the way they were when he gets home, the marriage will not work.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Later, Kail, Jo, Vee and the kids are playing at a bounce house. It seems like the co-parenting triangle has been rebuilt. Isaac says he misses Javi, but at least there are six of us. Kail points out that there are three boys and three girls and Isaac notes that when Javi gets home there will be four boys and three girls. Don’t bank on that, kiddo.

The next day at Kail’s house, she tells her friend that she and Javi got into a huge fight the night before over having more kids. She feels like a single mom with Javi gone and when he gets home, she wants to focus on her career. It’s not realistic to have a third baby right now and, besides, things haven’t been good with Javi and she doesn’t want to bring a kid into that situation. But Javi doesn’t want to stay with Kail if she’s not willing to have more kids. She claims to not want a divorce, mainly for the sake of her kids. However, it’s more important for them to see her happy and supporting herself as a single mom than in an unhealthy, unstable relationship.


Kail rounds up the boys and they FaceTime Javi. Isaac rats out Lincoln for being bad today. That kid’s a live wire and I love it, puta. The boys fight for the phone a little bit before Kail sends them upstairs. Javi thinks he and Kail have cleared the air after deciding they have no future. He wants more kids and if he stays with her, he’ll resent her forever if she doesn’t change her mind. This sounds like a complete bullshit excuse to me. If they didn’t already have a kid, I would understand Javi’s position, but he has his own biological kid, he’s helping to raise Isaac, and Kail didn’t say she NEVER wants another baby, she just doesn’t want one right now. If they wanted to be together, they could make this work. I think Javi just wants an easy way out that he can blame on Kail. Then he tells her they need to decide if they’re going to get divorced now or wait until he gets back. He offers to have his dad pick up his stuff so he doesn’t even need to come back to the house. It’s left unresolved for now, but we’ll see how this played out on the reunion show.

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