Ramona & Luann

Ramona Singer Thinks Luann De Lesseps Is Desperate For Attention

I have no idea what kind of reaction Luann de Lesseps was expecting after she announced her instant relationship and sudden engagement to Tom D’Agostino. If Luann really wants good friends, then she should be grateful that the women in the Real Housewives of New York cast have her back and have brought up very relevant (and recent) concerns.

I don’t get why Luann is oblivious to some very blatant red flags and Ramona Singer feels the same way. It’s weird that Ramona is now the voice of reason, but she actually brings up some pretty valid points.


Luann is so caught up in thinking that all of the women are jealous of her that she doesn’t realize that she should be grateful the ladies are actually concerned about her personal life. Ramona wrote all about Luann and her sudden engagement in her Bravo blog. I’m actually loving this latest reincarnation of Ramona and I agree with most of what she said in the blog entry.

Ramona wrote, “I am not preaching, because obviously I have had my own share of experiences, and all experiences are different. But that being said, if my friend knew what my fiancé was doing at the time I was engaged and I was told that he had close relations with friends of mine just weeks prior to my engagement, I would say OMG, this is a red flag!” I don’t think that Ramona is saying that it is automatically a bad thing that Tom “dated” some of the other Housewives, but for Luann to immediately dismiss the news without looking into it at all or thanking her friends for caring, is not the best call.

Ramona also said, “These are facts, not lies and not exaggerations, and yes, I thought that I should be able to tell Luann. But she doesn’t have the capability to listen! She shut it down and turned it around.” Exactly. If I were Luann and found out after the fact that my friends knew this kind of information, I would be very upset, so I think it’s good that people are spilling the tea to Luann.

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I really don’t get why Luann thinks people are jealous of her and neither does Ramona. She wrote, “The fact that she completely took the conversation to mean that I was jealous? I mean, like really? Jealous? Not a word in my vocabulary! Really? What would I be jealous of? I have never had a problem meeting men. Since my early 20s I’ve been the date queen! Yes, that is what friends have called me.” But LOL at Ramona bringing the conversation back to herself and how she is such an attractive single lady. Classic Ramona. I am both annoyed and entertained by it.

Ramona was all about her new role as the mediator, but she couldn’t resist slipping back into her old ways when she took a major dig at the Countess. Ramona wrote, “But Luann always seems so desperate for the attention, for the support, for the reassurance that a man is interested in her.  So maybe that is why she chooses not to listen and learn about what Tom has been up to?  She cut me off and cut me down to the point that truly I am not interested again in telling her like it is. I guess she will find out herself…”

Well damn. It’s hard to tell if it’s better to have Ramona as a friend or not to, but in all honesty, it’s probably better to have a friend who can tell Luann the truth than one that just ignores obvious shadiness.


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