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The ladies of Real Housewives Of New York are at war over getting on Tom D’Agostino‘s jock (exactly how many millions is he packing?!). Tom happens to be the current fiancé of Luann de Lesseps, once dated Ramona Singer (two or three times, or seven – depending on who you ask), and possibly spent the last decade playing undercover friends with benefits with Sonja Morgan. Disgusted Confused yet? I’m surprised these so-called classy ladies are so comfortable with hippie-hippie notions of free love!

Tom has denied having an extended history of hookups with Sonja, but she is adamant that they have gotten physical for years until SHE finally called it quits with him.


“He always had a girlfriend and I always had a boyfriend, so it was in between, as adults do at our age,” explains Sonja. “We’re both in our 50s, so it’s like…it is what it is. But it was a nice understanding, very discreet. I mean, we were seen out in public. Our friends kind of [knew] what’s going on…” (Sonja is in her 50’s?!)

Sonja contends she was “very surprised” to learn about Tom and Ramona. “I didn’t want to see him anymore when I had heard that, but then he said they were just friends.” Sonja was even more surprised to learn about Tom and Luann, and wondered, “‘Does he have a thing for Housewives?'”

Ultimately, Sonja chose Luann’s friendship over Tom’s wad… of cash! “I set the precedent before on the show…no man’s gonna come between me and Luann. So we get along just fine. I want her happiness.” Sonja maintains that Luann certainly doesn’t care about Tom’s past because, “They’re soulmates!” 

Sonja acknowledges the situation is “pretty crazy.”

Sonja also touches on her issues with Bethenny Frankel, which she “always had faith” would work out. “I always knew we had this unsaid connection that she felt protective of me,” she told E! News. “I think she always felt I was fighting; working hard and people took advantage, and I didn’t want to lose that.” 

“It really hurt me that she was hurt,” Sonja demurs. “That was very painful.” 

Sonja denies copycatting Skinnygirl, or attending Bethenny’s branding summit last season for the wrong reasons. “I wasn’t with her for social contacts. I wasn’t with her to make business contacts. And she knew that.” 

Presently, Sonja and Bethenny are “working towards” a friendship again. Sonja is also still going forward with plans for Tipsy Girl prosecco, and also opening a restaurant of the same name. The end goal is to have several restaurants. Oh, Sonja… [sigh] I think your eyes are bigger than your brain (and budget). #BusinessToNoWhere #Again 

Tonight is a new episode of RHONY. Luann storms out of dinner after the ladies mock her engagement, and Jules suddenly unloads on Bethenny. Later Ramona tries to confront with concerns about how fast her relationships is moving and Luann freaks out. Sonja hosts a dinner party, and Jules tries to set her up on a blind date. Then the ladies decide they need a break and do a girls trip to Atlantic City. Well, almost all the ladies… 


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