Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer Is Much Happier Without Mario; Implies Bethenny Frankel Had Secret Plastic Surgery

Bethenny Frankel has been on a post-divorce celebration in Las Vegas, but Ramona Singer, ever the loose-lipped pinot-lover, just hinted that her Real Housewives Of New York co-star may have gotten some, um… secret enhancements somewhere along the way! When and what we want to know!

First Ramona marvels that this season has been truly nuts. “I don’t think I’ve ever had this much drama in my life – not even with my divorce!” she laughed. Luckily she is there as the problem-solver to help guide these girls through their issues, right? 


Ramona is annoyed that Bethenny keeps commenting on Ramona’s boob job. Perhaps deflection?”My new assets aren’t new – I’ve had these for three years,” she snarked. “Let’s talk about Bethenny’s new assets!”

When pressed for details, Ramona demurred, “Never mind,” she smirked. “You’ll figure it out!” Is Ramona referring to Bethenny’s new vagina? Or something else… Oh goody – a RHONY mystery for us to solve!

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Realizing she’d probably spilled some beans Bethenny didn’t want spilled, Ramona tried to steer the conversation back to herself – so desperately she even admitted to gaining 10lbs. “I think the weight looks good on me,” she backpedaled, insisting she knows “nothing” about Bethenny’s uhhhh… changes? “I believe a woman should do whatever makes her happy,” Ramona shrugged, finally.

Ramona, who is looking quite puffy-faced herself, denies having any plastic surgery herself. “I look in the mirror and think, ‘Gee, I only look 42; I only look 45,’ – I can’t believe I’m… up there! And I haven’t been cut yet,” she laughed, gesturing to her face. 

Ramona may be aging in reverse, but she’s maturing in other ways – and credits divorcing Mario for her change in attitude. 

“I didn’t realize while I was married to my husband – even though he was a great husband and father for so many years – he was a weight around me because I had to do everything for him,” Ramona explained. “He’d come home and I didn’t know if he’d be happy or sad… and he was like having another child.” 

“I am the caregiver – that’s really my role; I’m a caregiver,” Ramona boasted. “If someone isn’t well, I’m there for you. I’ll do anything for you.” (I don’t think Ramona is including someone being well in emotional-state under that umbrella. Clearly.)

“Even with Jules,” Ramona continued. “Her father was ill – I kept calling her; texting her everyday. She had a problem, um, ‘down there‘ – I kept calling her about it…”

“That’s how you know you have a real friend. Because everyone can be there for the fun times but who’s there for you when you really are down? Me,” declared Ramona.

But some things never change – Ramona eagerly blamed Luann de Lesseps for all the issues between the ladies, and cited their trip to Mohegan Sun as proof. “You actually see us having more fun with each other – and Luann isn’t there,” she told Access Hollywood Live. Luckily for the ladies of RHONY they have Ramona to save the day. 


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