Shannon Beador is furious at Kelly

I was waiting with bated breath for Shannon Beador’s reaction to the craziness that went down during the last Real Housewives of Orange County episode. Clearly nothing good will ever come out of this poor woman hosting a party.

Shit really got out of hand and Kelly Dodd did the most in her obvious effort to insure that she we will be asked back for the show’s next season. The whole party was absolutely insane and Shannon is finally discussing what went down.


Shannon’s Bravo blog was the one I really wanted to read this week. Of course, she had a lot to say about the insanity that erupted at her party, so let’s just jump in.

Shannon threw shade at Kelly, Michael Dodd, and Vicki Gunvalson’s drinking when she wrote: “Everyone was having a great time and then Kelly, Michael and Vicki burst into the party. It was clear they had already been drinking. When I brought Kelly over to David [Beador], she called him a pedophile. I was shocked. There is nothing funny about being compared to a pedophile and I thought it was quite rude to say, especially to the host of the party.” What a terrible start to the party. And yes, it was obvious that these three pregamed a little too hard.

Then Shannon tried to spin Jaci’s rude remark about running into Kelly while she was on a break from her husband: “Kelly brought up a time in the past where she ran into Jaci while on vacation. Apparently Kelly wasn’t traveling with Michael and Jaci mentioned that fact. It was a very awkward moment because Michael was standing right there. I have to say that is a bit difficult for me to comprehend why Kelly is so upset. Kelly is the one that brought up the vacation right in front of Michael. If she didn’t want to talk about it, she shouldn’t have initiated the conversation in the first place. Everyone standing there was very uncomfortable.” I understand Shannon’s point on some level, but Kelly was in no way asking for Jaci to comment on her marriage. All she was saying was that she saw her on vacation. Jaci is insanely rude and had a clear thirst to be on reality television.


Shannon addressed the one thing we all wanted to know about: Did she set Kelly up? Shannon stated, “Let me be clear. I had no idea that Jaci or Nina knew Kelly. Plain and simple.” And she made things even more clear when she stated, “Although Kelly is convinced that I “hijacked” her, I don’t have parties to ambush people. Never have, never will. I did not know that Jaci and Nina knew Kelly, let alone have a ‘history’ with her. I actually think it is quite egotistical for Kelly to think I would make such an effort and go through such an orchestration.”

I was also wondering what Kelly stepping over the line and making comments about Shannon and David’s marriage. Shannon tackled that one when she wrote, “The biggest blow at the ’70s party were Kelly’s parting words to David that ‘no wonder he cheated on his wife.’ At this point in my life, that is the cruelest thing that someone could say to me. And to see the satisfied and proud smile on Kelly’s face after she said it was chilling to me.”

This season is finally starting to get good and I’m so excited that Shannon ended her blog by saying, “The debacle between Kelly and I only continues next week. Tune in to watch me see red for a second time. It is unbelievable.” I cannot wait to see what goes down. As annoying as Kelly is, her feud with Shannon is reality TV gold.


Photo Credit: Bravo