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Kelly Dodd Real Housewives Of Orange County

The Real Housewives of Orange County is due for an entire revamp after last season’s mayhem. Braunwyn Windham-Burke was doing the absolute most and it wasn’t fun to watch. Some fans even boycotted watching last season because of controversial statements made by Kelly Dodd about the coronavirus pandemic, other women and the Black Lives Matter movement. Despite what Kelly thinks, RHOC needed Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson to whoop it up last season to lighten it up. The new crew of ladies led by Shannon Beador was ultimately a bore with quite a lot of toxicity mixed in there. 

And while Bravo is taking its time before making decisions about the future of RHOC, Kelly is still getting into trouble. (And has yet to be officially fired, but even she’s expecting it at this point) But this time around, the trouble has to do with her little dog being vicious.

Dogs and Real Housewives whose names start with “K” apparently just don’t mesh together. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Kim Richards had several issues with her dog Kingsley attacking people, including one of Kyle Richards’ daughters. Kim Zolciak had an incident when her son was bit by a dog. And now Kelly’s poodle Chloe is getting called out for some bad behavior. Like mother, like (doggy) daughter.

Kelly Dodd Says Real Housewives Of Orange County Doesn’t Need Tamra Judge And Vicki Gunvalson; Brags About Show’s “Amazing Ratings”

Kelly Dodd will never miss an opportunity to prove a point. It’s happening constantly on and off the Real Housewives of Orange County screen. Off screen she’s aggressively gone after Michael Dodd in recent weeks. She’s came for her husband’s ex for literally no reason. She’s also been blasting her completely inaccurate Coronavirus beliefs all over social media. Then there’s her deplorable take on the Black Lives Matter movement. Where to begin. She’s been corny to the point of getting called out by other Bravo stars.

On screen, Kelly down two amigas to butt heads with. Does anyone miss Tamra Judge or Vicki GunvalsonBesides themselves? They’re so bitter to have been fired. I’m almost loving the fact that Kelly won’t just let their names die. *cue music*  This is the drag that never ends…

Kelly Dodd

Real Housewives of Orange County fans know that Kelly Dodd has no problem sharing her opinions publicly, even about (typically) private matters. She recently called out her ex-husband Michael Dodd for not seeing their daughter Jolie Dodd for five months.

Now, she’s calling him out for not seeing her in six months. No one could blame her for being upset if her daughter’s upset, but is making this super public the way to go? She sure thinks so. Hopefully, she ran it by Jolie before she put Michael on blast again.

Vicki Kelly Dodd

When Kelly Dodd joined Real Housewives of Orange County, she was the only one willing to be friends with Vicki Gunvalson after the infamous cancer scam.

That all went out the window when Vicki and Steve Lodge started going out on double dates with Kelly’s ex-husband Michael Dodd and kept the outings a secret. Ever since then, Vicki and Kelly have been ripping each other to shreds whenever possible.

Kelly Dodd

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of forgot about Michael Dodd. With all the talk about Kelly Dodd’s new man Rick Leventhal and zero mentions of her ex-husband, it was easy to forget the guy.

And, apparently, according to Kelly, Michael has forgotten all about seeing their daughter Jolie Dodd.

Tamra Judges Thinks Kelly Dodd Should Be Fired From Real Housewives Of Orange County Over Resurfaced Racist Video

Unless you’ve been living off the grid with no internet access, you know that a reckoning is happening over at Bravo.

First Vanderpump Rules cleaned house by firing Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and two other cast members over their past racist actions. Fans have started a petition for Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright to follow suit. And now, Tamra Judge is calling for Kelly Dodd to be fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County for her own racist past.

Vicki Gunvalson And Tamra Judge Are Bothered By Shannon Beador Making Up With Kelly Dodd

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge might have said “adios” to Real Housewives of Orange County, but that doesn’t mean we have heard the last of them. I’m sure that’s exactly how they want it too. These two are so joined at the hip, I can’t imagine them doing anything separate at this point.

As viewers of RHOC, we suffered through watched many seasons of the so-called “Tres Amigas”, which comprised of Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon Beador. But now that Vicki and Tamra have left the show, all that remains is Shannon and her relationships with her current cast mates. That doesn’t seem to be sitting too well with two thirds of the trio.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Real Housewives Of Orange County

Finally we have reached the end of the line with Real Housewives Of Orange County. It has been a long and confusing season of many Housewives I do not particularly like. Tamra Judge, I am looking at you. Furthermore I am so thankful I will no longer have to type Brauwnyn Windham-Burke‘s exhausting name, as exhausting as the woman herself, every week. Ugh.

Among the many revelations from part 3 of the reunion, we learned that skanky behavior has always been a cornerstone of the show’s foundation and Andy Cohen will not have you argue it any other way. Boobs out, girls!

We open with Vicki Gunvalson accusing Braunwyn of violating the show’s moral compass, causing Vicki to lose 2 clients. I’m sorry, so dating cancer scamming Brooks Ayers meets Vici’s clients “moral compass”? Andy reminds Vicki that she has flashed her tits at the dinner table, given fake blow jobs (in addition to plenty of low blows) and participated in the Naked Wasted episode with Gretchen Rossi, so why the revisionist history??