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I am so over hearing Jacqueline Laurita talk about her friendship with Teresa Giudice in the press. Don’t get me wrong, I am intrigued by the ups and downs in their relationship, but at this point it seems like Jacqueline’s paraphrasing her own comments and repeating the same thing over and over again.

We get it. You two were close. You were like sisters. There’s a bond there. You also hate Teresa now because you are jealous of her being the star. We haven’t seen any new drama between these two on the show yet, so maybe Jacqueline isn’t supposed to talk about that until it airs? That’s the only explanation I have for Jacqueline spewing out the same quotes over and over again.


We all know that Jacqueline is back on Real Housewives of New Jersey because her family is experiencing financial hardships so she needs a vehicle to promote her husband’s businesses. Plus, she obviously yearns to be Teresa’s sidekick – no matter what she says. We can all see how giddy she was to be Teresa’s puppet during that weird story telling game at Dolores Catania’s birthday party.

I am not at all surprised that (after a million paragraphs self promoting popcorn and black water) Jacqueline wrote about Teresa in her Bravo blog.

Jacqueline acts as if she hasn’t recently addressed this in her blog when she wrote: “I know a lot of you are interested in my roller coaster relationship with Teresa, so I will address that for you.”

As if this isn’t Jacqueline’s favorite conversation topic already! Please.

Jacqueline also shed (the same) light on their relationship when she wrote, “There is one thing you need to understand…Teresa and I have a long history together, and there was once genuine love between us, like sisters. It is because of those reasons, despite our differences in the past, that I felt our friendship was always worth fighting for as long as both of us genuinely want it and are willing to fight for it.”

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As expected, Jacqueline went on and on about how she was so sincere with her desire to be friends with Teresa and how Teresa’s words and Teresa’s actions supposedly did not line up. I’ll save you from reading that. 

Jacqueline did address one new thing when she talked about her unexpected visit to Teresa’s house, “Teresa had already reached out to me twice, so I must have been weighing heavily on her mind. As mind-boggling as it was, at this point in time, I was still hopeful for a new beginning, and that’s exactly when I decided to go see Teresa in person, face to face. I needed clarity. I came unannounced, because I didn’t want her to have time to prepare for what she would say to me, I wanted her to be real and in the moment. I wanted a genuine moment. I spoke with honesty and from my heart, and I was looking for the same in return.”

That may be true, but I also suspect that Jacqueline rehearsed her speech so she would look good on TV and that she wouldn’t mind if Teresa looked silly or seemed like she was caught off guard. How shady.

We all know that both Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga really had it out with Jacqueline throughout the course of filming this season, so I am shocked that Jacqueline wrote this next part, but maybe she was just writing from the mindset that she had during that time period when the episode was filmed. Jacqueline wrote: “She made it clear that she wanted to rebuild the friendship. I felt hopeful. Maybe we have a shot! Let’s see where it goes.”


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