I have a feeling that Kris Jenner is just seething right now. The underage dating scandal with her daughter Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga has finally started to settle- mostly because she is not underage anymore, but still. And now Tyga is in some serious trouble. Tyga might even end up in jail over this one. A judge issued a bench warrant for the rapper’s arrest after he failed to show up for a court appearance.


Everything appeared to be going well for Tyga since he just bought Kylie a car for her birthday– again, but his financial situation is actually pretty suspect these days. According to Us Weekly, Kylie’s birthday gift cost $200,000.

So what’s the issue? Tyga fell behind in rent and owes his former landlord $480,000. So if Kylie and Tyga showing off the birthday present he gave her, it really is a bad look for Tyga.

Tyga was supposed to show up to court for a deposition on Tuesday, August 9, but the rapper didn’t come through. I have no idea why, but I’m sure what whoever follows him and Kylie on Snapchat knows exactly what he was up to instead. I’m sure it was really important- cue my eye roll. Now there’s a warrant for Tyga’s arrest and there’s a chance that he will get thrown in jail.

I have no idea how Tyga could have paid for that car he gave Kylie. At this point, Chris Brown is carrying Tyga’s music career on his back and I have no idea what else he does to make money, but things aren’t looking good for the rapper. Rumor has it that he was evicted from his home in February, yet he somehow signed a $46,5000 lease to rent another home in July. Something is just not adding up here!

It will be somewhat interesting to see how Tyga handles this one, but I have other questions about the situation. How embarrassed is Kylie? Will she have to return that car? How mad is Kris that Tyga’s issues are tainting her family brand? Who was the first person that Blac Chyna texted to talk shit?


Photo Credit: Instagram