Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz wedding

Anyone who has been watching Vanderpump Rules from the beginning has witnessed the ups and downs in Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s relationship. It honestly seemed like he was never going to commit to her and actually pop the question, but he did.

Now the engaged couple is all about the wedding planning. Considering how open they are with pretty much every aspect of their relationship on reality TV, it’s not at all surprising that they’ve shared some details about the wedding preparation and even divulged some advice that they have received from Lisa Vanderpump.


Tom and Katie have been spilling some secrets about the wedding, but keeping other things, like their wedding location, private. They did say that the wedding will be somewhere in Northern California and that there will be around 100 guests in attendance. The one interesting thing about choosing their wedding location is that they put the deposit down on the venue before they even visited. As a loyal viewer of the show, that move does not surprise me at all. Thankfully, they were “blown away” once they saw the venue in person.

In an interview with E! News, Tom and Katie revealed how Lisa Vanderpump has inspired them throughout the wedding process. Katie said, “Lisa has actually been a good source of advice. She has been like a surrogate mother to us at times.” Tom jumped in to say, “She is our Los Angeles mother figure.” Katie agreed, “We definitely turn to her a lot.”

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That is very sweet and it’s also super interesting how Lisa has such a positive impact on the Vanderpump Rules cast, yet is in the dog house with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies these days.

So what advice has Lisa bestowed upon the couple? In an interview with The Daily Dish, Lisa gave her best advice: “OK, so, the wedding is just around the corner. If I had to give any advice to a young couple getting married, I think it would be, you know, it’s such a pressure trying to organize all the kind of parts that are going to make up a wedding. But, I think, you’ve got to really remember the most important thing is why you’re doing this in the first place and that you’re doing it because you love each other and not to lose sight of that.” That makes a lot of sense. Hopefully these two do not get caught up in the craziness of planning a wedding, but if they do I hope that it makes great TV.

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Lisa also advises the couple to “almost think of it like a big party celebrating your love and you’re wearing a long white dress, that’s it.”

It’s obvious that the couple is very far into their wedding planning, but just in case the viewers are wondering how the commitment phobic Tom feels about the relationship, the Tom and Katie fans should be happy to know that he said this: “Something about turning to the women that you love and referring to her as your wife kind of feels sexy, right?” Aaaawww.


Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

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