Tamra Judge

The season 11 premiere episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was so boring. Basically nothing happened and I am not at all satisfied. Sure, it was cool seeing Tamra Judge doing her fitness stuff and listening to everyone talk shit about Vicki Gunvalson, but there was nothing amazing otherwise.

Usually there is so much going on that there can be too much to even comment on. That was far from the case here, Tamra couldn’t even find anyone to trash talk or question in response to the episode.


I’m hoping that Season 11 picks up. That episode was weak and so are the Bravo blogs in response. Normally, the cast members have so much to say, but I guess they were responding to what they had to work with. Tamra’s Bravo blog was pretty short this week.

Aside from waxing poetic about her new life of fitness – I’ll spare you the details on that one, she just echoed her comments from the episode about how it was awkward to see Vicki at Heather Dubrow‘s party, “Does Heather know how to throw a party or what? Everything was…gorgeous! When she told me that she was inviting Vicki I was a little worried how that would turn out. I had texted with Vicki a few times but had not seen her in months. Things were very awkward!”

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I am curious to know what she thinks of the new girl Kelly Dodd though. So far, Kelly is a little much, and that’s putting it mildly. I can see Tamra loving her or hating her for stealing her spotlight when it comes to spewing inappropriate quotes.

Tamra wrote, “Kelly walked in full of confidence and tequila. It was one joke after another. I thought, wow this girl is funny, yet insulting. I wasn’t sure what to think? Either we are going to the best of friends or the worst of friends. Stay tuned!” That’s exactly what I was thinking. The girl was way too much with the jokes and it just seemed like she was trying way too hard to perform in front of the cameras. Hopefully she takes it back a notch as the season goes on. I am so curious to see if she and Tamra end up getting along or not.


[Photo Credits: Nicole Wilder/Bravo]

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