Shannon Beador blog

Aside from that never-ending ’70s party drama with Kelly Dodd, Shannon Beador is really killing it these days. Shannon is on track with recent weight loss and aside from that, her life is really on the upswing.  Her marriage is back on track, her husband David Beador planned a surprise birthday party and vow renewal for her. It really is her time.

Everyone who watches Real Housewives of Orange County knows that Shannon is very serious about her health and fitness (although not as hardcore as Tamra!), so it makes sense so she is definitely someone I trust when it comes to weight loss tips.


Apparently people criticized Shannon for gaining weight which is unkind to begin with. Not only that, but Shannon revealed that people attributed her weight gain to marital troubles during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Shannon admitted, “I’ve gained a lot of weight. There are a lot of haters out there that say, ‘Oh, it’s because she’s so upset and her marriage isn’t doing well.’ This is happy fat!” That makes perfect sense. A lot of us can relate to putting on few pounds during a happy romantic relationship.

Shannon explained, “This is fat that comes about when you eat whatever you want when you’re going out to eat with your husband and your family and when you have a few cocktails. This is what happens.” Nevertheless, Shannon is determined to do something about her recent weight gain.

Shannon has been working out with Dr. Tim and live streaming it on Facebook so her fans can follow along and reach their fitness goals with her. Shannon revealed, “We are doing Facebook Live videos three times a week, and they’re not crazy hard, but we’re gonna get there.” Gradual progress is definitely the way to go. I think that a good amount of people understand what it’s like to start working out, get into high gear,  and then get overwhelmed or disheartened by the difficulty. This approach seems way better.

Shannon also said, “It’s nice because a lot of people watch live, and they ask questions. The last time we did it, people were saying, ‘I’ve lost eight pounds, I’ve lost 10 pounds, I’ve lost 17 pounds.’ It’s crazy.” Shannon has always been incredibly open with her life, so it’s not surprising that she is also sharing her fitness ups and downs with her fans. It makes her very relatable and I’m sure that her fans are happy that she’s doing this.


Photo Credit: Bravo