Tamra Judge Calls Vicki Gunvalson An Exaggerator

No matter what she says, we all know that Tamra Judge stirred the pot when she talked about how Heather Dubrow supposedly did not want Kelly Dodd around the children. This was a conversation that the two of them had about being scared to have Kelly at a big event after her recent antics and a point that they both agreed on. Heather never declared that Kelly shouldn’t be around kids or anything of the sort, so it was ridiculous for Tamra to slyly bring up this conversation to any other person.

Tamra did it pretty perfectly though. She said just enough to stir it up, but she was vague enough that she can justify not backstabbing Heather. She is such a reality TV vet – and now she’s deflecting and going after Vicki Gunvalson.


I love that Tamra and Heather are so close on Real Housewives of Orange County. Their opposites attract friendship is pretty cute in my opinion, but I still don’t get how Tamra thought it was all alright to pass on their conversation and make it seem like some sort of one-sided concern from Heather. That wasn’t cool, and now Tamra is trying to swoop in and defend Heather in her Bravo blog to respond to the drama she caused for Heather. 

Tamra wrote, “While in the kitchen I told Vicki that I talked to Kelly about my concerns with her going to Glamis. Vicki then asked me, ‘Is Heather going? That could be a problem.’ I then explained to her that yes she was going and Heather has some concerns too. I never said that Heather didn’t want Kelly to go and she was afraid Kelly would cuss in front of the kids, like Vicki told Kelly. The only reason I even told her Heather had concerns is because Vicki brought it up.”

Vicki asking if Heather was invited is definitely not the same thing as Vicki bringing up concerns about Heather.

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Tamra tore into Vicki for twisting Heather’s words, which she also did, “Then Vicki tells Kelly an exaggerated story about how Heather doesn’t want her to go because she will cuss in front of the kids. UGH! Then she says, ‘Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.’ She should have said, ‘Don’t shoot the exaggerator.’ That’s Vicki being Vicki and twisting words.”

You can tell Tamra really thought she was clever with that quip about Vicki being an exaggerator, but once again, I am going to say that Tamra is hating on Vicki for twisting someone else’s words, which TAMRA ALSO DID. God! Is she kidding me?!

Tamra continues to twist the story around, to make sure she aligns herself with Heather, “The absolute truth is, both me and Heather were concerned about Kelly going to Glamis because we were bringing our kids (my kids will be the ones with the blurred faces lol). The last thing I wanted was another outburst like the last two in front of children. If they couldn’t get past sushi then Kelly was not going to be invited.”

Right, Tamra. But that’s what you should have said in the first place instead of stirring shit up and causing Kelly to freak out again.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]