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Tamra Judge Struggles To Be A Good Christian While Bringing Drama On RHOC

Tamra Judge

Perhaps Tamra Judge needs a mentor in Alexis Bellino – as she is conflicted about how to merge Real Housewives Of Orange County bad behavior with maintaining her faith. #TheStruggleIsNotReal 

Balancing ‘The Good Christian’ with ‘The Good Housewife’ has been a “huge struggle” admits Tamra. “When I deal with certain situations I look at it as, ‘What would a christian do? What would God want me to do?’ And it’s not what maybe the producers would want me to do.” 


Tamra credits her fitness and faith “journey” (a Real Housewives favorite word), for raising her self-esteem, but lowering her threshold for causing drama. “Who I was when I started the show is not who I am today,” she explains. “I’ve gotten to the point now where all the drama is just… it is what is. I can’t let it affect my life because I think Eddie would kill me,” she laughs.

“Each show wants to outdo another show and certain cast members think like that. I don’t think like that,” Tamra tells Access Hollywood. “I just think I have so much always going in my life that I’m a very easy person to follow. Stuff is happening to me: I’ve gotten divorced, I’ve gotten married, I’ve gotten baptized – all these things on the show! That’s my life, and that’s how it’s always been! I would rather not have the drama. I’ve learned to remove myself. ” 

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“I’m a softer person than I’ve ever been,” Tamra continues. “So many things in my life were not going well for me: My friendship with Vicki, some issues with my oldest daughter, and of course, Ryan and Sarah… It just felt like I needed something for me.” 

Tamra’s faith has to be stronger than ever because she has given up wine to achieve on her fitness goals. “I was like, ‘I better start drinking – I’m gonna get fired,'” she jokes. “It was the toughest to give it up on the show because I would look at certain situations and be like, ‘kill me now!'” 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]