Dorinda Medley Insists Sonja Morgan Is “Not Her Friend, Never Was Her Friend, & Will Never Be Her Friend”

I watch Real Housewives of New York religiously, but I have to admit that I’m thrown off by the animosity between Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan. I don’t even recall them fighting during the season other than Sonja saying she was upset that Dorinda did not invite her to that insane Christmas party in the Berkshires.

It seemed like things were cool between Sonja and Dorinda after that during the season, but off screen there seems to be so much tension and I don’t get why. It might have something to do with Dorinda being close with Luann de Lesseps, but whatever the reason is, Dorinda is sounding off. Apparently she does not like Sonja and never will. Yikes!


Like I said before, I am a little confused about the animosity between Dorinda and Sonja, but Dorinda did not hold back in her Bravo blog – at all. I have to assume more will be revealed when all of the reunion episodes end, but damn I would never want Dorinda as an enemy. She really goes in!

Dorinda wrote, “Let’s talk about Sonja, shall we? I’d like to touch on the friendship (or lack thereof) with Lady Morgan. As you all saw, I barely saw her this past year. Barely spoke with her, barely saw her, barely remembered she was around because she was cooped up in her townhouse all winter. Honestly, I didn’t know her before I started meeting all the girls last year. I knew OF her because her reputation precedes her but I had no personal connection with her before we sat down for our first lunch last season.”

Wow. This woman is not beating around the bush. She is not buying what Sonja is selling (or attempting to sell). I really don’t get how anyone could hate Sonja, but it’s clear that Dorinda really does.

I can’t tell if this is a dig at Luann, Sonja, or both, but Dorinda also wrote, “I didn’t have much to do with her this year, and it seems the only one who did was Luann because she needed a place to stay. So there she was, Lady Morgan wearing fur coats in her kitchen, talking to Luann about Tom or Tipsy Girl or that time she flew her soccer team around the world to collect seashells in St. Tropez… I was blindsided to hear she was STILL so angry about not coming up to Blue Stone Manor for our one night in the Berkshires… STILL.”

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So I guess Dorinda doesn’t think that the short-lived best friendship between Lu and Sonja was genuine?

Then Dorinda went on and on about her decision not to invite Sonja to that shit show of a Christmas party which I still don’t think was a big deal, but whatever. She adamantly declared, “Sonja is not my friend, she never has been, and by the looks of it, never will be. She’d rather make up stories in her head than make the effort, and I have got a real life going on, not an imaginary one.” Ouch! What a burn.

Dorinda wasn’t done though, she involved Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer, and Luann in her continued criticism of Sonja when she wrote, “Who knows…maybe she needed to get out more and should’ve come so she could have an axe worth grinding with the ones who care enough to fire back: Bethenny, Ramona, and Luann. Not Dorinda… Dorinda just wants to cut the sh– and make it nice.”

It’s blatantly obvious Dorinda wants absolutely nothing to do with Sonja and now I’m wondering why they were sitting together during the reunion. Awkward.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]