Aside from the usual drama with the ladies, both Kelly Dodd and Meghan Edmonds have been facing a lot of rumors about their marriages. People have been dragging Jim Edmonds for being absent during Meghan‘s insemination process and seeming disinterested in her pregnancy. Kelly revealed that she and her husband Michael Dodd separated for two years, she filed for divorce, and she dated someone else during their break.

With that said, the fans (and haters) have been pretty relentless on both Kelly and Meghan’s marriages, and now the Real Housewives of Orange County stars are trying to set the record straight.


Kelly discussed the rumors about her marriage with Entertainment Tonight.

Kelly responded to the criticisms she has received about her marriage from pretty much everyone including her fellow cast member Heather Dubrow, “We forgive each other. We have a pretty good marriage now. I mean, we have ups and downs, like everybody … we try to deal with our problems head on. We’re still together. We’re happy. I mean, as happy as I can be. I mean, there’s days where I want to kill him, or wish he’d die. Just kidding, no!”

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I’m not totally sure what to make of this quote, but Kelly also said, “He realized it’s cheaper to keep her and and I realize, you know, if you’re with one a**hole, you might as well be with your a**hole husband with a kid.” Sounds romantic to me.

The Entertainment Tonight article also noted that “it’s easier to stick with Michael, too. That way they don’t have to divide assets, split custody of their daughter and deal with new men and women coming in and out of their family.” There wasn’t a direct quote from Kelly on that one so who knows what she actually said, but it really isn’t painting the picture of a blissful marriage, even if they don’t actually end up divorcing.

Meghan Edmonds and Jim Edmonds

Meghan attacked the rumors of marital troubles on Instagram. She posted the picture above of herself, Jim, and their dog, adding the caption, “Our marriage is in jeopardy can’t you tell?  #dontbelieveeverythingyouread #carryontabloids #canttouchthis #6monthspregnant” 

Kelly talked about how it is easier for her not to get a divorce and Meghan joked about the rumors. It will be interesting to see if either approach actually work when it comes to quelling the gossip about their home lives.


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