Little Women: Atlanta recap

Little Women: Atlanta Recap: Child’s Play

Little Women: Atlanta will start just how it will end tonight – with an all-out food fight. I thought we had seen the worst of it when Ms. Juicy got a perfectly good plate of chicken wings dumped on her head by Minnie Ross’s mama after they couldn’t get along. But this cast just can’t leave well enough alone.

Last week, we saw Monie Cashette flinging anything that comes out of a bottle on the newly arrived Other Twins Hope and Charity after they called her out for food stamp fraud that happened years ago in a land far, far away (Texas, y’all). We start out in the same place we left off as last week but nothing new has really developed, outside of Monie’s poor fiancé, Morlin, being shown trying to wrangle in his wild woman and make sure she does not take the whole damn ship down with her.


Little Women: Atlanta recap

Now Ms. Juicy might be friends with the Other Twins but she isn’t going to stand for their treatment of Monie, or their lack of pedicure experience. The next day, she takes them to get their first ever pedicures and pleads Monie’s case for her. The Other Twins don’t seem to be getting it, as hard as Ms. Juicy tries to convince them that they have no room to judge.

Even though she gets nowhere and anyone could see this is a horrible idea, Ms. Juicy invites the Other Twins to Bri Barlup’s party for her three year old. No doubt the kids will be on better behavior than these ladies.

Amanda and Andrea Salinas have had a rough time since their blow up surrounding Andrea’s loser of a baby daddy, Chris. It looks like they are trying, but Amanda really just can’t deal with Chris and the lack of respect and love he shows for her sister. Can you blame her? Amanda asks if Andrea’s threat of not having her in the delivery room will stand because she knows Chris will likely dip out like he has in the past. Andrea doesn’t seem to have the energy to handle this and Amanda storms off, foreshadowing how Chris will drop the ball come delivery time.

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Monie is trying to do damage control with Morlin. He’s not happy that Monie can’t seem to keep her drinks to herself and is uncontrollable anytime she gets angry. Monie is sure donuts and iced coffee treats will help sweeten Morlin’s annoyance, but he plops down at the café, eyes the drinks suspiciously, and slides as far away from them as he can.

Morlin is second guessing Monie – he is really mad that Monie’s temper is always a liability and says there won’t be a wedding until they can get things right. No drinks were thrown in the filming of this scene.

Emily Fernandez calls Bri to wish Meek a happy birthday and she is really missing being in Atlanta. Bri fills Emily in on what happened at the boat party and Emily looks like she misses Atlanta a lot less. But she’s feeling alone with the special care that baby JJ needs and Lontel not being able to really step up. Emily is confident that baby JJ will come home and it’s really hard to watch, knowing that there is no happy ending here.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Andrea is going into labor, like, NOW. Minnie and Amanda rush to her side for her emergency C-section. Guess who is nowhere to be found? Uhh, CHRIS. Andrea gets him on the phone and he won’t be able to make it in time, not sure why since he has no job and seemingly nothing better to do.

Thank goodness Amanda could be there so her sister, but at the very last moment, Chris shows up and Andrea has him come in instead of her sister. Amanda is hurt but understands that Chris is the father and should be in the delivery room. Aubrey is born healthy and over five pounds, which is a pretty decent weight for being a preemie. Plus, she’s adorable.

The Tiny Twin’s parents fly in from Texas with little Andre so they can help out once Andrea comes home. Amanda shows her parents the baby’s room and they are not happy about the lack of décor and readiness of the room. Chris didn’t even bother to paint. Dad points out that Andrea was the one on bedrest, NOT Chris. Would it have been so hard for him to pick up a damn paint brush?

Little Women: Atlanta Juicy and Monie

Ms. Juicy invites Monie to a private cooking class to apologize for bringing the Other Twins to the boat party and causing trouble. I’m not sure how any cooking is getting done with all those acrylic nails but somehow, they manage. Ms. Juicy apologizes and worries about the drama that could take place with Monie and the Other Twins at Meek’s upcoming birthday. She’s right to worry.

Amanda takes her mom to go get a crib for Aubrey and dish around what’s been going on between the sisters because of Chris. Understandably, their mom is pissed about the way Chris has been behaving and not acting like he can take care of his family.

While they are out, Andrea comes home without Aubrey, who needs to be monitored at the hospital because of her feeding tube. Chris is there to do nothing but take up space and rolls out to get himself something to eat because he knows Andrea’s parents are on the way. What. A. Bum.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

It’s time to lighten the mood with Meek’s third birthday party and all that bouncy house action looks like a lot more fun than what these ladies normally do.

The happiness doesn’t last long when the Other Twins show up, sans their own kids, which was part of the supposed reason in inviting them to a kids party.

The other supposed reason was so they could apologize to Monie but they don’t seem interested in doing that, at least not in a genuine manner. One of the Other Twins gives an eye-rolling apology to Monie and she can barely contain how much she doesn’t really want to be apologizing. Then they demand an apology back from Monie and since Monie won’t give one, they immediately retract theirs.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

It escalates faster than the boat fight by the Other Twins throwing paper plates and napkins in Monie’s direction and Monie tosses whatever she can back. But it doesn’t stop there – as the twins go to leave, Monie rolls right up on them and grabs one, not sure if it’s to shove them out or pull them in.

Obviously, Bri is pissed since it’s her child’s birthday. Minnie is mad her phone got soda on it.

Bri lectures everyone about how she told them not to bring the drama and while she’s right, I think she should have known better than to invite a group of girls that were just hurling wine coolers on each other less than a week ago. I wonder if the actual kids at this party are getting along.

Little Women: Atlanta recap


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