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Vicki Gunvalson Says She Almost Didn’t Return To Real Housewives; Trashes Her Cast Mates For Holding On To Last Year’s Drama

I have no idea why this is a news story because I feel like I hear this Vicki starts this “rumor” every year, but Vicki Gunvalson has revealed that she almost did not come back to Real Housewives of Orange County. I never believe it because we all know how much pride she takes in being the “OG of the OC,” but she likes to spread this possibility around in between every season it seems.

Aside from this “revelation,” Vicki also shares her thoughts on her break up with Brooks Ayers, trashes the rest of the cast for not getting over the craziness that happened last year, and comes for her frienemy Tamra Judge– hard.


Vicki is just the dream Housewife. Her story lines never dry up. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to admit that she really has what it takes to be a reality TV star. And eleven seasons in to the show, it still revolves around Vicki no matter how much the other ladies try to steal her shine. So of course, Vicki is coming back. Real Housewives of Orange County would be nothing without her. 

So why was she supposedly considering skipping out on the show’s eleventh season? In an interview for E! News, Vicki says, “I didn’t think I had the strength, but you know what I wasn’t finished. My story wasn’t finished. I didn’t want to end as a victim. I wasn’t a victim. I just loved my man. I’m not gonna let these women have the last say-so in what they believe the truth was. I know my truth. I know my truth.” Well yeah, even if she actually did want to quit this time around, most of the season was still going to be focused around the ladies talking about Vicki, so she might as well be present to defend herself and (hopefully) do something else endearing and/or distracting to win back the viewers.

One thing that will get the viewers back on her side is the news that she is finally done with Brooks. For real. Vicki reveals, “I haven’t seen him since the day he pulled out of the driveway. I was just in shock.I was like ‘Why don’t you tell me the truth about anything?'” Who knows if the two have sexted or texted since then, but thankfully he is out of her life now since Vicki has a new man.

Vicki says that Brooks told her, “You’re never going to know. You don’t deserve to know. You’re just going to share it with the cast.” It’s so unclear to me what Vicki knew about Brooks’s “cancer diagnosis” and when and I don’t think we will ever know the truth about that. He is right about one thing though, Vicki would one hundred percent use whatever he tells her as an excuse to talk tot her cast members. As much as Vicki tries to act like she’s above the other ladies and doesn’t want to be friends with them, it’s just so blatantly obvious that she just feels scorned and excluded. So yes, she would absolutely use any new information he could give her to have an in with the ladies.

So how does Vicki feel about her cast mates? It was very clear that everyone in the cast was tired of her bullshit and questioned everything about her in the wake of the season ten scandal, so I cannot help wondering what Vicki thinks of them. Even though she won’t admit it, Vicki loves playing the victim card and in accordance with that, she says, “It was just so sad. I felt betrayed by my cast members. I felt betrayed by him.” She is the one who brought this whole mess to the rest of the cast members, so it’s a shame that she is not taking any responsibility for that. I get that she is sad to publicly lose her “friends” and that must hurt, but the girl needs to pull as Lisa Rinna and just “own it.”

Just based on the fact that Vicki is talking shit to promote the new season, makes me think that things did not get resolved with her and the other cast members while they were filming. And that is obviously why she is shown getting along with the new girl Kelly Dodd in the RHOC trailer- she needed one friend on the show.

Plus, it’s always so difficult to tell where Vicki stands with her on-again-off-again BFF Tamra. Now that Tamra has found religion and super zen with the diet and exercise, I would like to think that she is more accepting of Vicki and that they are getting along, but this is a reality show and zen doesn’t make for good TV- just ask Dina Manzo.

So it seems like Tamra is still the same old Tamra and Vicki is still talking shit about her to deflect against her own questionable life decisions. Vicki explains their tumultuous relationship by saying, “It hurts so bad, but I expect it from her. When you’re expecting it, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” 

Then Vicki says what we have all been thinking for years: “I think that’s how she wants to be portrayed, as a lasher-outer or a s–t-stirrer or whatever people want to call it. She did it to Alexis [Bellino], she did it to Gretchen [Rossi], she did it to Jeana [Keough]. She’s done it to every single cast member.” Well yeah, that’s why Tamra is a reality TV gem. She has this keen sense of knowing which Housewife to turn on and when. It’s actually pretty amazing.

Vicki also muses about why Tamra is so against her: “Who does she have left? She goes after me because I’m the OG of the OC, so she’s going to try to go after me when she can.” No, Vicki. Tamra and the rest of the cast come for you because of all the bullshit you involved them in. It’s not like you’re not giving them plenty of ammunition to fire right back at you.

Vicki tries to show us all what a great person she is and explains how much she still cares for Tamra: “I think my emotional tie is with Tamra, obviously because we’ve been through so much together and I sincerely want the best for her. And I don’t know if she sincerely wants the best for me.” I have no idea what Tamra wants for Vicki, but it’s just ridiculous how Vicki takes no responsibility for involving the entire RHOC cast in that Brooks nonsense from last year. I get that it wasn’t one hundred percent her fault and I’m sure he was playing her to an extent, but she played along and seems unapologetic about it. All she talks about is how she was affected and she does not seem to care that she dragged down the whole cast with her.


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