Terra Jole Shares Dancing With The Stars Behind The Scenes Pictures; How Being A Little Person Affects Her Dancing

Terra Jole is the littlest contestant to ever compete on Dancing With The Stars, but she’s not letting her height or the recent birth of her son stand in her way!

Terra and her pro partner, Sasha Farber, performed a Jive in the season 23 premiere. The Little Women: LA star decided participating in DWTS was important both as a challenge to herself and to “hopefully to show other people with disabilities that anything is possible.” 


“What I do I fear is that people have already dismissed us as competitors due to my physical appearance,” Terra concedes. “I’m fearful they won’t take us seriously. If there’s one goal, it’s to change not only fellow competitors opinion but America’s opinion on what ‘different’ people are capable of.” 

Terra does admit it’s “a bit of a struggle to keep up with Sasha due to her size. “My legs have been a bit of a speed bump at times. He’s had to alter a few moves, transitions, and dips, but he never seems intimidated by the challenge,” she tells People, but she is viewing their differences as “an advantage,” not a limitation.

“Just modify and keep it moving. That’s the story of my life,” says Terra. “No excuses – ever.” 

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Terra also faced another limitation – she was still recovering from the birth of her son Grayson when rehearsals began. “Having gone through a cesarean section less than seven weeks ago, jumping into dancing for more than four hours a day has my body in full shock mode. Luckily, the doctor approved this journey, and I’ve never looked back.” 

One thing Terra isn’t worried about is the competition itself. “All of the competitors like each other and don’t want to see each other go, but in the end there will only be one winner. And I really see myself as my biggest competition right now. Each week, I want to keep improving. No matter what, this journey is once in a lifetime, and I can’t wait to show America what little people can do.” 

Below are some behind-the-scenes pics and video Terra shared of rehearsals and the premiere.

Terra: “Hard to believe we are only 3 days away from the #DWTS premiere! Sasha makes the impossible, possible! Shafe! #TeamXL”


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]