Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out Against Yulin Dog Meat Festival At Capitol Hill

It’s nice to see a Housewife using her platform to do something other than promoting her own brand. This is actually very rare, but Lisa Vanderpump is one of these people. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star puts in a lot of effort to help causes she believes in and she goes beyond writing checks. LVP went to Capitol Hill to speak against the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China and the dog meet trade.

And of course, Lisa could not be a crusader for dogs without bringing her trusty pet and sidekick Giggy with her to Capitol Hill to add a face to the cause.


Lisa lent her voice in an effort to stop thousands of dogs from getting killed at the festival each year. It may seem a little off base for a reality star to be taking on this kind of task, but if you are a fan of Lisa‘s – or even a hater – you know that she takes animal rights very seriously.

Lisa spoke out to explain how being on the show has allowed her to truly make a difference: “As much as we look at reality television and we think, ‘Well, what good comes out of it?’ I managed to get my Yulin march on it. I begged [Bravo], ‘Please put it on.'”

Lisa also explained why she believes this issue has nothing to do with political parties: “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat — our cause should be everyone’s cause. It is with the weight of the American government behind us that we can finally begin to make real change.”

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With much needed emphasis on the presidential election, it should be interesting to see what results from Lisa’s political efforts to encourage the U.S. government to step in and stop this Chinese tradition.

One thing that is clear is that Lisa’s involvement with this cause encouraged a different audience to pay attention to the situation. The Hill columnist and E! News contributor Judy Kurtz posted a photo of Lisa on Twitter and wrote, “Lot of Real Housewives groupies at the Capitol…long line of fans waiting to take a pic with @LisaVanderpump.” So at the very least, Lisa’s raising awareness with her Bravo fans.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]