Shannon is furious at her mother in law

Shannon Beador says there is more than meets the eye when it comes to her mother-in-law Donna telling Tamra and Kelly that Shannon “pushed” David into having an affair. Shannon believes Donna’s comments were premeditated, and she planned to come on Real Housewives Of Orange County to embarrass Shannon.

Shannon tweeted that before the LOCK performance, her daughters were warned by Donna to expect drama, so this is why she and David were discussing it with the girls in the limo after the show – cause ordinarily Shannon would never be inappropriate with her kids.


“Kids cut off in car home,” Shannon tweeted. “Told us their grandmother went up to each of them saying ‘no matter happens tonight I love you’ #planned #RHOC.” 

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Shannon blames editing for twisting the situation, tweeting, “They cut off the kids telling us in the car.” 

The real question is who helped Donna orchestrate all of this… was she acting alone?

Apparently the LOCK show is not the only time Donna has been badmouthing Shannon to people she doesn’t know. A viewer had unfortunate run-in Donna, as well. 

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“Wow…” reacted Shannon on Instagram.

Shannon maintains that her outburst after hearing about Donna’s comments had “nothing to do with the affair” but instead stemmed many years of a frustration with David’s mother.  

“It has to do with the fact that no matter how hard I try, my husband’s family doesn’t give two hoots about me. And it hurts,” Shannon explains to the Daily Dish. “My relationship has been volatile with my in-laws from the beginning.  I’ve had good, very good, periods with David’s mother, and then they’re down here.”

Shannon describes Donna’s comment as “gut-wrenching” and untrue. “I didn’t make my husband do anything; he did it. So for his mother [to say that] when I’ve continually made efforts, it’s hard.”

Donna’s timing is also a major point of contention – the LOCK show took place two weeks after Shannon and David’s vow renewal. Donna spent time with the kids while Shannon and David took their second honeymoon

So why would Donna publicly embarrass Shannon? She has no idea, but she doesn’t believe Donna “wanted to be on [RHOC]” with her comments, she just hates Shannon that much! “I think that she wanted to say something that was negative against me.” 

“I’m not gonna let that one woman take it down,” insists Shannon. “I’m not going to give her the satisfaction of thinking that she accomplished what she wanted. I don’t know what her goals were, but I don’t think they were positive or kind.”

After the incident, David cut off relations with his mother in a text which read, “Done. You have hurt my family. You’ve hurt me by doing this, and I can’t have you continue on like this.” Shannon says that was totally his decision. “I have to respect my husband.  It’s his family.” 

As for a possible resolution in the future, Shannon and David aren’t sure. “So we don’t really talk about it. We’re both avoiders.” 

“I’m not gonna keep throwing myself in the lions’ den. I’m kind of over it,” Shannon concludes. 

In other tidbits, Shannon says producers asked her daughters to write a song for Real Housewives Of Orange County and she is not a stage mom! 

Shannon isn’t mad at Tamra Judge for telling her about Donna’s accusations at the LOCK show, and they’re super close. 

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Shannon also further justified her decision not to check on Vicki Gunvalson in the hospital, and put her on blast for pretending to be ‘alone’ at the hospital , because producers were with her. “It’s not fake,” she tweeted, “But of course they would never let Vicki be alone. We knew she was with someone.” 


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