Shannon Beador

Even while on vacation in Hawaii, David and Shannon Beador live-Tweet and live-Facebook an episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. Now that is a fame whore dedication.

Shannon shared the picture above on Twitter during the show, adding, “Live tweeting from our cabana and watching the show! #commercialbreak #RHOC”

After the show, David and Shannon took to Facebook, as they usually do, to chat with their fans. “I’ve never been called that in my life,” Shannon said about Kelly Dodd calling her a c–t. “Heather [Dubrow] was really upset. That night, we were all shaken up. Everyone had tears in our eyes. It was really vicious.”


A follower asked if the RHOC reunion has been filmed yet. Shannon said no – it films in October – and David snarked, “We’re going to have an armed guard for Shannon because of you know who…whoooo…whoooo.”

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Other than complaining about social media telling Shannon to get over issues with Vicki Gunvalson – because, SHE IS OVER IT! SHE HAS FORGIVEN HER! SHE JUST DOESN’T WANT TO BE HER FRIEND-FRIEND!, they didn’t say much else about the episode. “We’re taking the high road.”

Check out more of Shannon‘s pictures from Hawaii below.


Main Photo Credit: Twitter

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