Shannon Beador Defends Herself Against Her Mother-In-Law’s Accusations

Real Housewives of Orange County got ugly and personal on the last epside. Usually the women just stick to arguing with each other and that seems like fair game since they all get paid to socialize on reality television.

But this week, Shannon Beador’s mother-in-law decided to stir up some family drama and ruin her granddaughters’ concert. It was so tasteless and ultimately it just hurt the kids. This was way different than the Housewife-on-Housewife fights that we usually witness. It was a totally different ball game.


Even if David‘s mom was 100% right with everything she said about Shannon, it was absolutely repulsive the way she stirred it up and talked poorly about Shannon to Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge (both of whom she had NEVER met before) while filming a show that Shannon is a cast member on.

Clearly, she had a vendetta against Shannon and wanted to put her on blast. She had zero tact or class from what I saw. Yes, I’m sure there were some endearing moments of grandmotherly pride laying on the cutting room floor – because, boring TV. But my point is that it seems pretty blatant that this woman went in with the intention of making Shannon look bad.  

Needless to say, Shannon is still very upset about how the event went down.

Although Shannon had an over-the-top reaction to David Beador’s mom’s antics, I absolutely get where she’s coming from. She was totally blindsided. I’m very much #TeamShannon on this one. Obviously, all families have their problems, but this woman made a public spectacle out of their issues, and went way over the line. Shannon reflected on the craziness in a Bravo blog.

Shannon explained why she was so caught off guard: “I had no idea my mother-in-law was coming to the performance. My children do not have a close relationship with their grandmother. A year and a half ago, my mother-in-law told my daughters that I wasn’t a good mother, among other things. They were very upset because no child wants to hear negative things about their mother.”

Wow. That is a lot for any mother to handle. And now that this whole thing is a public problem, it’s even worse.

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I also think it was absolutely out of bounds and irrational for David’s mom to blame Shannon for her son having an affair. What the hell? Shannon felt the same way, “I still have a hard time processing the fact that David’s mother said I pushed him to an affair. It is unbelievable to me that such a statement would be made on a night that was all about my children and was also two weeks after a vow renewal that my husband planned all on his own.”

Great timing with that one, Mrs. Beador Sr. Clearly, David and Shannon were in a great place, so it was the wrong time to come for them – not that there’s ever a right time to go after your son and the mother of your grandchildren. My point is that this woman was instigating a losing battle.

Shannon set the record straight when it came to the accusations about her keeping her daughters from their grandma: “The bottom line is that David’s mother was not telling the truth. I do not keep her from my children. She never calls to try and make plans. We saved a seat for her and one of David’s sisters for Sophie’s 8th grade play, and they didn’t show up.” I don’t think it was totally necessary to throw someone under the bus with that last part, but I do get that providing evidence does substantiate her claim.

To make things worse, apparently the discussion we saw of the Beador family in the limo wasn’t even initiated by Shannon and Davidthe grandma planted a seed in the girls’ heads!

Shannon clarified, “When the night was over, the kids told us in the limo that my mother-in-law went up to each of them individually to say that no matter what happened that night, she still loved them. David and I certainly didn’t bring up the conversation. This showed us that David’s mother had a premeditated plan and it wasn’t a nice one.”

Damn. No matter how you slice it. You can’t use the fallback reality TV excuse of blaming the editing for this one. This woman is a total shit stirrer and she was totally careless with her actions. Ultimately, she ended up hurting her son and her granddaughters. How sad.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]