Little Women: LA recap

I love watching Little Women: LA, but I’m just not here for the drama Christy McGinity keeps stirring up. She was absolutely out of line when she randomly brought Plastic Martyr to a photo shoot Tonya Banks had for her active wear line.

Christy was so insistent on exposing Briana Renee’s husband Matt Ericson for having an Instagram back and forth for the millionth time, and now Tonya is being dragged into a huge mess since Christy and Plastic are accusing her of being transphobic toward Plastic.


The whole thing was an absolute mess and it was just really unfair to Tonya who did not say anything at all negative about Plastic being transgender. Now this whole thing blew up into something that it really wasn’t just because Christy thought that stirring up drama would put in back in good standing with the ladies in the cast.

Obviously I feel bad for any person who has been brought into Matt and Briana’s relationship drama, but I really feel like Plastic took this whole thing way too far and ended up going from a victim of Matt’s bullshit to an instigator of even more drama. And now she’s really going on in this rant of an Instagram post.

Plastic denied claims about her seeking attention through the show: “The cast members of Little Women: LA (with the exception of my girl Christy) are some of the most tacky, immature, hateful bullies I’ve ever met. Currently they are trying to paint me as a ‘user’ or ‘fame whore’.”

I don’t get why Plastic would let her “friend” Christy involve her in a scandal by bringing her onto the show. What did she have to gain by going on the show other than attention? It just doesn’t make any sense that she decided to instigate drama. I get that she might want to stand up for herself after her name kept getting thrown around – by her girl Christy – but she just seemed really super combative.

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Plastic continued to hate on the cast and even called out some of them specifically by name: “Clearly you can see from my IG and website and Google that I have been a hard working person in LA since I was 14 years old. Don’t flatter yourselves Tonya, Briana, Terra [Jole] and Elaina [Elena Gant]…. You guys are legends in your own minds and filled with so much hate and evil.”

She disrupted the photo shoot Tonya was funding and she went out of her way to be a part of drama. I can see why the cast would hate that. It has nothing to do with them knocking her work ethic or career.

Plastic insisted that she has nothing to gain from being on the show (which is very obvious to all of us at this point since she has had a pretty negative portrayal), “I am so proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished in my life and my career, I’m proud of the hurdles I’ve overcome and the battles I’ve won and I did it all on my own. Never once used anyone. I get to wake up every day and look in the mirror and know who I am and the truth behind my honesty and integrity. Those women have to wake up every day as them. That’s punishment enough. Never let anyone bully you. No matter how big, or little they are. Hate is hate, and I refuse to be degraded by cowards. xo”

I understand the need to stand up for yourself especially after (I assume) the fans hated on her hard through social media, but it really seemed like Plastic came on the show to start drama. She really went in on that Instagram post.


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