Teresa Giudice Blames Jacqueline Laurita For Vermont Trip Drama

Teresa Giudice is carefully crafting her new zen persona, and she’d like us all to know that she had NOTHING to do with the drama that unfolded in Vermont on this week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey! She’s a peacemaker now, after all. <eye roll> Teresa is right about one thing though: Jacqueline Laurita has lost all of her surgically enhanced marbles, and is basically flying her freak flag all over this season of RHONJ.

In her blog, Teresa shares that she’d hoped for a nice relaxing getaway to Vermont. Instead, there was “drama, drama and more drama!” Having made up with Jacqueline before the trip, Teresa hoped her frenemy would behave herself. “But everything that happened with her on this episode made me start to question her again. Whenever there was drama on this episode, Jacqueline was involved,” she admits. Too true.


Jacqueline started getting messy even before the trip began by “stirring the pot when she called Kathy [Walkile] and Rosie [Pierri] to find out what happened when we met to talk things over – with Siggy and Dolores sitting right there. Really? Why is she so interested in issues I am having with my family?”

During their endless bus ride to Vermont, Teresa also took issue with Jacqueline rehashing the Kathy/Rosie drama in front of the entire group. “I mean, why does she care? She also got into it with Robyn on the bus ride. As Jacqueline sat there arguing with Robyn, I was thinking, ‘What is going on with her?'”

Teresa staunchly defends her friend, Robyn, who Jacqueline called one of her “soldiers” on the trip. “That’s ridiculous,” blogs Teresa. “She is a grown woman who can do and say whatever she likes. I would never even think to call any of my friends ‘soldiers.’ I think Jacqueline wants soldiers of her own and that’s why she said that.” Hmm. While Teresa is not the most introspective person on the planet, I think she may be onto something there.

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After ridiculous arguments about whose a$$ should have gotten raged on, Teresa claims she just wanted peace. “I understand that Robyn got mad, but what she did wasn’t right. But Jacqueline didn’t stop either. She just kept pushing Robyn’s buttons.”

“All I can say is that I saw sides of Jacqueline that I never have before, which makes me wonder if I even know who she really is.”

Hinting that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Teresa warns viewers, “If you thought this week was crazy? Just wait ’til next week! Fasten your seat belts, guys!”

Previews show Jacqueline basically spraying a whole metaphorical can of Ragey A$$ all over everyone next week! Is this the beginning of the end for these newly-reconciled friends?


Photo Credit: Bravo