Melissa defends herself against Kim D's accusations

As a fan, I was really living for the Real Housewives of New Jersey trip to Vermont. Ever since I saw the trailer for this season, I have been looking forward to the Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga vs. Jacqueline Laurita screaming match, which I’m hoping will be featured in the next episode (FINALLY).

This trip had to be pretty hellish to go on – especially for someone like Siggy Flicker, who goes out of her way to be on good terms with everyone in the cast. That itself has to be a difficult task, but in the middle of the Jacqueline-centered madness, I imagine that Siggy had to feel beyond awkward.


As per usual, Siggy is the neutral Switzerland in this group. She’s really trying to make a character out of being the peacemaker which I’m not one hundred percent buying if I’m being truthful, plus it’s not the most entertaining thing to see on TV. She needs to get some story lines of her own other than interfering in other people’s relationships. Yeah, I get that she’s a “relationship expert” and all, but I still don’t really see what she’s bringing to the show. It’s great that she wants to be nice and bring everyone together, but has she not seen this show? It is all about the verbal disputes.

Siggy talked about how uncomfortable she was on this trip in her Bravo blog. I feel like if the cameras weren’t around she would have been checking these women left and right, but instead we got a blog about wanting everyone to get along without sharing any actual opinions about the episode.

As expected, Siggy lamented, “I felt so uncomfortable on this trip, and I just wanted to protect my friends from getting hurt and/or into trouble…and then get the hell back to Jersey. For crying out loud, we are all adults; high school was over YEARS ago. I don’t want to partake in any gossip or B.S. — I just want to have a good time with my friends.”

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That is COMPLETELY valid for normal people to say about real life, but this is reality TV and that thrives on conflict. If she wanted to hang out with mature adults who made a respectful effort to get along, she shouldn’t be on this show.

Siggy explained how she wishes everyone acted like her and plugged her career as a self-proclaimed “relationship expert,” of course: “At this point in my RHONJ journey, I’d like to remind everyone that I don’t have a magic wand. I can’t force people to behave the way I think they should behave. In all my years as a relationship expert, I’ve only been able to find success with parties who are willing and able to participate and really want to do everything they can in their power to make it work. I love providing people with the tips and tools to revive their relationships, but again, I am not a magician; it ALWAYS takes two to tango.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey would not work if every person on it was just like Siggy. She brings zero story line to the table. Trying to be a mature adult with perfect behavior just doesn’t make for good TV. I honestly think she is just trying to make peace here so she can put it on her “relationship expert” resume. I mean I don’t blame her – it would definitely be a major feat in her line of work. But yeah, I just don’t want to watch that.


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