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Teresa Giudice is focusing on peace, y’all! Which means she’s finished giving Jacqueline Laurita chances. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star rejoices that her friendship with Jacqueline is finally over, but warns us that this episode required plenty of prayers to get through.

Kim D is also included in the list of toxins Teresa is eliminating.


Instead of investing her energy into fixing her friendship with Jacqueline, Teresa has invested in Jesus, which is why she went to church with Dolores Catania to complain about cheating hubbies and bad marriages pray.

“Prayers have gotten me through so much,” shares Teresa. “Prayers are what we all need after everything that has happened in this episode.”

Actually, prayers are probably what Jacqueline needs.

Teresa says it was “a relief to hear” Jacqueline declare she’s completely done with Teresa and Melissa. “She is too toxic and too negative,” says Teresa, “and has caused me too many problems over the years.”

“I don’t want her in my life anymore,” Teresa continues in her Bravo blog. “I don’t need it. Melissa doesn’t need it. I have too much going on and don’t have the energy for someone like Jacqueline anymore.”

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“I wish her and her family well. But I’m done, too.” Siggy Flicker – can have ‘er. And take Kim D too. Because Teresa is also “done” with the Posche life.

Now that Teresa has no use for Kim D she has gotten “to see her true colors.” And surprise, surprise – they weren’t made of rainbow glitter!

Teresa calls Kim out for questioning her marriage on camera. Because, duh! Where else would she do it? Like, behind closed doors like a real friend would?

“I always gave her the benefit of the doubt, but I finally got my answer. Why do you have to sit at a fashion show with a bunch of women and talk about me and my husband?” wonders Teresa. “Why couldn’t she tell me she heard these things in private? Because she becomes relevant talking about me, that’s why.”

“What bothers me the most is that by saying what she said, she hurts my children. When you have known someone a long time and they do something like that shows how much class they have.”

Melissa put it perfectly when she said on the show that Kim D. is a s–t stirrer and she’s sick of it,” concludes Teresa.

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Yes, Teresa is all about peace, love, and light these days, which means she has no place in her zen-trification for the likes of Kim or Jacqueline. She’s making time for her brother instead. “It really touched me when he said that whatever we needed would when Joe went away, he would be there for us.”

Teresa ends by warning us to “stay tuned because it’s going to heat up even more!” What? Does Jacqueline get water thrown on her and melt?


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