Kelly Dodd and Meghan Edmonds in Ireland

Kelly Dodd has said some pretty offensive stuff to her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars, but it was so obvious that they were all trying to provoke her during the Ireland trip. Everyone knows Kelly doesn’t shine when there’s liquor involved, so I found it extremely suspect that Shannon Beador, of all people, was pushing Kelly to down more liquor when she said she didn’t want to. Why would she do that? I really don’t get it and neither does Meghan Edmonds.

Even though the trip to Ireland was supposedly Meghan’s idea, she was not present for most of the drama, so she was watching that dinner scene for the first time with us viewers. I was on the fence about Shannon setting up Kelly at that 70’s party, but after seeing her push alcohol on Kelly (multiple times!), it definitely seems plausible.


I actually do think that genealogy is interesting and I totally get why Meghan would want to investigate her family history since she has her first child on the way, but it just didn’t make for compelling reality TV footage, if I’m being honest. So I will save you the trouble of reading Meghan’s blog about the last RHOC episode in its entirety since she talks about that part A LOT.

I don’t know about you, but if I do something embarrassing in response to alcohol consumption, I try to keep myself in check the next few times I go out so I can redeem myself. So yes, Kelly has had some pretty memorable drunken moments on this show, but I think it’s perfectly acceptable for her to take a breather after that shit storm of drama between her and Tamra Judge over the comments she made about Tamra’s family life in the middle of a pub crawl. As her friend in my head, I totally supported Kelly trying to tone down the partying for the rest of the trip.

And since the ladies are constantly complaining about Kelly being drunk, I find it weird that Heather Dubrow tried to push Fireball shots on Kelly in the middle of the afternoon and that Shannon kept ordering Kelly tequila when she didn’t want it. Clearly, they were trying to stir up trouble. With that said, the one part of Meghan‘s blog that truly interested me was Meghan’s take on Shannon and Kelly’s interaction at that last dinner in Ireland.

Meghan said what we were all thinking when she wrote, “It was strange to see Shannon asking for a double for Kelly. I don’t understand why she wanted to get her drunk? Since Kelly has a history of behaving badly when she’s drunk, I believe that she had every reason to feel set up by Shannon.”

YEP. And now I cannot help flashing back to that 70’s party and over analyzing that whole fiasco.

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Meghan continued, “I don’t know if that was the case, but that whole meal felt weird and a little forced. Of course that meal then lead to World War III later that night!” Right. Why on earth would people who claim they don’t want Kelly to be drunk around them try to make her drink? It is definitely suspect.

Unfortunately for Meghan, she was present for the car ride to the airport where everyone was popping off for that juice footage with the grainy night vision camera. In regard to that, Meghan wrote, “That car ride to the airport was not how I wanted to end my time in Ireland – just wait until next week when you see the rest of the footage!” Is it Monday yet? I am so ready to see how the rest of that journey goes.

It really does seem like Heather, Shannon, and Tamra were pushing Kelly. Whether you like Kelly or not (and I’ve been up and down about this all season), it was clear that she was upset by the way the other three ladies were acting – not to mention the fact that her new bestie Vicki Gunvalson seemed to care more about getting back in the good graces of the other cast members than standing by the one one person in the cast who has actually had her back all season.

I have never been #TeamKelly this season, but with most of the cast shitting on her and going against their own “family is off limits” rules by making comments about feeling sorry for Kelly’s daughter (cough cough Heather), I cannot help feeling bad for this chick.

Not to mention that Heather went way out of the way to film Kelly popping off via her cell phone – maybe she is the puppet master that Kelly claimed in the preview for the next episode? That would be the ultimate twist since I always thought Tamra played that role.


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