Real Housewives of Orange County

Kelly Dodd Thinks Shannon Beador Set Her Up At The 70’s Party

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to the absolute shit show that went down at Shannon Beador’s 70’s party during the last Real Housewives of Orange County episode. It was an absolute mess with way too many things going on at once.

A lot of the drama from the episode revolved around the new girl Kelly Dodd and Shannon’s random friends who seemed pretty determined to call her out for no apparent reason. It was obvious that they planned to do this as soon as they saw Kelly, but what’s up for debate is whether or not Shannon was in on the hate. Kelly sure thinks that she was.


Even though Kelly took things to the next level at that party, I have to be honest and say that she was DEFINITELY provoked by those random friends of Shannon’s. I would be pretty peeved if I were Kelly who shared her frustrations about what went down in her Bravo blog.

Kelly explained that the party was only fine for a short period of time before all the madness went down: “Michael [Dodd], Vicki [Gunvalson], and I made our entrance, said hello to Vicki and David [Beador], et al. Things were fine for literally only about five minutes. Then, it started. Shannon’s shenanigans.”

I got that vibe too. Honestly none of that party seemed fun – at all.

I just want to know how much Shannon knew before the party started because it seemed suspicious. Kelly wrote, “To be clear, for Shannon to say she didn’t know that Jaci and I knew each other is complete hogwash. It was her intention, with her little staged expose featuring Jaci and Nina, to deceitfully and nefariously lay out Shannon’s version of the truth about my history with Michael, with the guy I dated whilst Michael and I were separated, and God knows what other heinous gossip she wanted to air.”

Honestly though, who are these Nina and Jaci people? Why are they showing up now and why are they so determined to take down Kelly? It just seemed way too coincidental.

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Kelly pointed out the one part that really threw me off when I watched the episode: “I have no idea what Shannon’s agenda was, but it blew up in her face. Quoting Jaci ‘This isn’t going like I thought it would.’ Really? What, your plan with Shannon? Clearly, those two were in cahoots before I ever walked in the door.” That sounds premeditated to me. It definitely looked SHADY AS HELL.

I also do not get why Shannon would ever want to be involved with any of this craziness though. It doesn’t make any sense and it isn’t a good look at all. Whether Shannon was involved or not, it looks bad that she was taking the side of these shit stirrers who disrupted her party.

Nevertheless, Kelly did really go crazy and stepped over the line with some of her comments, which Kelly also addressed in her blog entry: “Yes, I called Shannon “f***ing ugly.” At the time, all I saw in her was her nasty aura. Karma is a bitch and so is Shannon.”

So much for an apology…

She wasn’t done though, “Yes, I called her ‘f***ing dumb,’ because it was beyond stupid for her think she could get away with it. I called her out for conspiring with those bitches to set me up. She lied and denied it. How ironic that this prevaricator stood as judge and jury over Vicki for supposedly lying?”

It is a little unclear how much Shannon knew about this attack on Kelly, but comparing it to Vicki’s involvement in the cancer scam makes zero sense. That is not at all parallel to girls being rude at one party.


Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo