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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Reunion Trailer Is Here & It’s Nothing Short Of Explosive

RHOC season 11 cast

I’m not gonna lie. I really was not super into the start of this current Real Housewives of Orange County season. It was basically a continuation of the last season and continual bashing of Vicki Gunvalson as result of the fake cancer debacle. But then things really picked up and I’m so excited to the cast go at it during the reunion episodes – especially after I saw the trailer.

The reunion looks ugly! I have no idea how they sit through all of that, but as a viewer I am beyond excited. It seems like these women are really out to get each other and from what I saw, there is no topic or insult that is off the table. They are really going in.


The reunion trailer kicks off with a behind-the-scenes look at the women getting glammed up for they hit the stage. Host Andy Cohen asks “How’s it going? You ready for today?” and Shannon Beador says, “I’m gonna kick some ass.” Well, that’s not the mindset of someone who would use the reunion to solve problems and patch up loose ends- that’s for sure.

Then the trailer cuts to Shannon yelling at Vicki (of course) and declaring, “You are despicable. I will never, ever speak to you again.” We all know that is not true. They are on the same reality TV show so they contractually obligated to interact. Duh.

The trailer also shows the OG of the OC prepping for the reunion. Vicki states, “Not that I like to play the dirty game, but if you have to play it, you’ve got to play it strong.” I have no idea why anyone would ever go against Vicki. I get why people have a lot of material to work with there, but there is just no way that anyone could ever survive.

Vicki puts it best when she says, “If you don’t like me, bye bye Felicia. Get off my show.” Yeah, I know that it’s called Real Housewives of Orange County, but it will always revolve around Vicki. Sorry, ladies. Whether you love her or hate her, Vicki isn’t wrong referring to it as her show. If she wasn’t here, we would all be bored to death.

And then there’s the new girl Kelly Dodd– another polarizing character this season. But if we are keeping it real, Kelly and Vicki were the ones driving the story lines this year. No successful show is going to revolve around Tamra’s fitness competitions, Heather Dubrow’s home redecorating, Shannon’s alternative medicine treatments, or Meghan Edmonds opening a candle shop. This show needs Vicki and Kelly to survive. Nevertheless, these girls are bound to get shit on at the reunion.

And says to Kelly, “Everything you feel that you’ve been wronged about, this is the day of reckoning.” And if you’ve watched any episode of this season, you know that Kelly doesn’t hold back. So I can’t wait to see her get wild on that reunion stage.

Tamra has been all about her newfound Christianity, but the “old” Tamra has flared up here and there. Before hitting the stage, Andy told Tamra, “Historically, reunions bring out a very ugly side of you” and Tamra replied, “I’m learning to use my words better.” So much for that… The trailer immediately cuts to her SCREAMING. So much for maturing and living life the Christian way and all that shit.

Honorary housewife, Vicki’s daughter Briana Culberson reveals that she just found out that she has Lupus which made me very sad. How can you not feel for and pull for Briana? This woman has been through so much. I am happy that she will be at the reunion though. She is always the voice of reason for these ladies.

And then of course there’s a walk-off, which is very standard for these reunion episodes. Shannon tearfully declares, “My husband did not beat me” and Vicki calmly says, “I have proof.” And as expected, Shannon storms out. I am BEYOND intrigued by this story line. It definitely seems like one of those, her side, her side, and then there’s the truth kind of scenarios, but I just want to know what is going on.

The reunion looks absolutely vicious. Thank God that it is three parts. Is it Monday night yet? I am SO ready.



[Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/ Chris Haston/Bravo]