Don't Be Tardy recap

Last night’s Don’t Be Tardy incorporated so many of our favorite reality shows into a single episode: Top Chef inspired dishes, a RuPaul’s Drag Race inspired game of bingo, and the language heard on any given installment of Mob Wives. It was pretty amazing.

We begin with Access Hollywood’s Anthony, who introduces Brielle Biermann to Liz Hernandez, and she is beyond impressed by the fact Liz interviewed Oprah–the world’s most famous interviewer becomes interviewee! As Liz inquires about Brielle’s education, Brielle dodges questions about college. Liz tells Kim’s mini-me that she got her start at a college internship. Not shockingly, this revelation doesn’t send Brielle into an application frenzy.


After being snowbound in Buffalo, Kroy Biermann arrives on the West Coast, and wife Kim is thankful he’s made it in time for KJ’s auditions. Kroy has a much better handle than Kim when it comes to wrangling the four-year-old’s “precociousness.”

Back at the studio, Brielle is shadowing a current intern who is less than impressed with the teen’s dish washing skills, or lack thereof. Brielle bumbles around the kitchen, and is taken off guard to hear that the intern’s day begins at the crack of dawn. Brielle’s breakfast is usually when other folks are eating lunch. That said, she’s a good sport about the menial tasks and general go-for duties, and I don’t think she’d be above it if she actually got the internship and moved to L.A. without a Bravo camera crew following her every move (which, let’s face it, is never going to happen).

Anthony gives Brielle an opportunity to practice some on-air improvisation, but Brielle is much more confident in her teleprompter reading skills. After all, she’s been practicing with closed captioning for over a week now! While she’s a bit flustered at first, Anthony is mildly impressed with her ability to go off script, and Brielle decides that she is willing to do whatever it takes to become an intern at Access Hollywood. Do toilets need cleaning? If so, she’s the gal for the job!

Back in Atlanta, chef Tracey is charged with caring for twins Kane and Kaia. After last week’s debacle with Kash and Ariana in the kitchen, she has them taste testing items off her new and improved fancy menu. She cites the twins as a miniature version of Kim and Kroy, which technically, they are. I mean, genetics, right?

dont be tardy brielle

Kroy, Kim, and KJ pick up Brielle after her afternoon at Access Hollywood. She is raving about her time with Anthony, and Kim is upset by the idea that her daughter is one step closer to peacing out of Atlanta and moving to Los Angeles. Quick to change the subject, Kim focuses on KJ’s upcoming audition, which she’s convinced he’s going to slay. She encourages her little foul mouthed tot to do his best, and she warns him to keep his language in check. “No sh$t, mom. I’ve got this.”

At his audition, KJ is given a chance to read through his lines, and he holds the paper in front of his face and monotonously recites his sunscreen spiel while alternatively insulting everyone in the room. The producer is mildly amused, but the joke is on him as KJ can’t read yet. Kroy tries to explain to KJ that he needs to change it up and be expressive. You know, jazz hands!

KJ demands that his mother and sister be removed from the room. Kick them out, he yells triumphantly. The producer notes that KJ doesn’t take direction very well. Is KJ serious about acting or is this maybe something he just needs to do for fun? Kim assures him that KJ is very determined to have an acting career as her son cusses under her breath.

dont be tardy kj

That night, Kim wants to decompress on their last night in Los Angeles. She has decided to host Drag Queen Bingo, and I so want to be there. She questions her decision to bring KJ to bingo night as he’s such a sponge and tends to soak up everything he sees around him. Perhaps Kim should have explored this thought process before her four-year-old is sitting at the table with RuPaul’s dream contestant. Brielle approaches her parents about a serious move to Los Angeles, and she enlisted the publicist for help. Kroy and Kim disagree as to whether Brielle will be able to spread her wings and gain some independence while still living in her parents’ house.

The crew returns to Atlanta where Tracey has developed a more sophisticated menu for the Biermann family, complete with fancy plating techniques. Kim is very suspect about the new foods. Where is her Alfredo? Kroy (remember him? The guy with the refined palate?) and Kim don’t know what prosciutto is. Ariana tells Tracey she should’ve just bought regular ham at the Publix deli. Kroy, the self-proclaimed foodie, spits a bite of raw tuna into the sink because, you know, texture.

After dismissing several courses, Kim and Kroy announce their favorite is Tracey‘s new pasta dish. The sad thing is Tracey’s new pasta dish is the same boxed Alfredo that she makes them every single day. Tracey realizes she needs to stop revamping the menu, she just needs to change her plating strategy. In the commercial short, Ariana eats an edible flower off one of the plates in an attempt to shave some time off of a punishment, but the only succeeds in making Kim gag.

dont be tardy kim

Brielle is miserable back in Atlanta. She is basically her mother’s personal assistant even though her mother has multiple personal assistants. She receives a call from Anthony at Access Hollywood who questions her intent to move. He promises her that there is an opportunity for her Access Hollywood if she wants it, and he would love to stay in touch so they can come up with a more permanent situation for her. Brielle is beyond excited at this turn of events.

Over breakfast the following morning, Brielle informs her parents of her conversation with Anthony regarding the internship. She tells them that Anthony wants her to come out for a second interview, and Kroy counters that Anthony may not be willing to offer her the job until she commits to a move to Los Angeles. Kroy shocks her by suggesting she take the leap which has Kim balking in her solo cup. Kroy wonders if Kim wants Brielle living at home until she’s thirty. Yes, yes, she does. She’s willing to compromise and have Brielle move over the garage, but that’s too scary for Brielle. Kim has no plans to encourage her firstborn to leave the nest.


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