Apollo Nida Engaged From Prison?!

Apollo Nida engaged

The ink isn’t even dry on Apollo Nida‘s divorce papers, but he is reportedly already engaged to another woman. Bring on the conjugal visits!

While Apollo has been ensconced in Fort Dix Federal Correctional Facility to serve an eight-year fraud sentence, he managed to entice another woman to marry him. Sources close to production say we’ll get to hear all about it on Real Housewives Of Atlanta later on this season.


Phaedra Parks filed for divorce from Apollo about two years ago – right after he started his sentence, but he was already dating another woman by then. In fact they started dating before Apollo even started serving his time. Apollo and his mystery lady got engaged a couple months ago. Apollo’s new fiancée conveniently lives in NJ, nearby Ft. Dix.

TMZ reports that she visits Apollo twice per week. Just for comparisons sake Phaedra has only visited once.

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Here’s the interesting part – Apollo has filmed – via phone – for RHOA but his fiancée will appear in the flesh on the show near the end of the season. Production is desperate to keep her identity under wraps – so much so that her name isn’t even being released.

Phaedra didn’t meet with the woman who will be Prince Ayden and Mr. President’s future stepmother, but cameras did film Phaedra reacting to the news of Apollo’s engagement. Sources also say the fiancée doesn’t have a ring. Well, I hear Phaedra’s is up for grabs…

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This is doubly interesting because a few blogs have reported there’s nothing in the GA court system showing that Phaedra even filed for divorce, let alone that it’s been finalized. Apollo has said they aren’t divorced. Of course, given that Phaedra and Apollo are public figures and that something about the nature of his crimes could be included in the filings, they could be sealed?

What a twist!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]