Kandi Burruss Opens Up About The Feds, Apollo Nida, And Phaedra Parks On WWHL

RuPaul and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live last night. Kandi shared more details about the feds coming to her house for Apollo Nida‘s stuff and whether or not she thinks former bestie Phaedra Parks played a part in that.

Kandi, who looks amazing, says, “The baby is awesome and life is good.”

RuPaul admits that he loves Kenya Moore dressed as The Grinch. “I thought she stole the show,” he shares. “You gotta love it. You gotta love a freak. I think Kenya‘s freak meter is about an 11.”

When asked about Matt and Kenya together, Kandi says, “They seem happy. He is different than what I would have thought she would have fallen for. He is a nice guy, don’t get me wrong, I just wouldn’t have seen them together.”


About the Feds seizing Apollo Nida‘s stuff:

Was Kandi scared? “I wasn’t scared to be honest with you. It’s not like they had a search warrant or anything.”

Did Kandi get in trouble? “No.”

Did they take anything? “Yes. It was just a bike and a four wheeler.”

Does Kandi believe Phaedra called them? “I really don’t know. That episode, where she and I were trying to resolve our issues and she was like, ‘The feds were coming to me about this stuff,’ that aired that week. But then she also was upset with Todd about something that he Tweeted. Then a couple days later, this happened. The timing of it was so weird.”

“We weren’t trying to hide anything from the feds,” continues Kandi. “Apollo had asked Todd about this stuff long before he even went away. It was more so a thing of.. they didn’t have enough room for all his stuff. Mind you, they also came to Peter and Cynthia‘s house. He had been bringing his stuff to people’s houses well before he even got indicted.”

Andy reads NeNe‘s tweet:


Kandi says, “We said we were going to try to hit the restart button. We’re going to try to put all the negativity in the past and move forward on a positive note.”

A caller asks when Todd Tucker and Mama Joyce got so close. “Once we actually got married, she let things go, slowly,” says Kandi. “There was nothing else she could do. He was part of the family at that point. There was no turning back. She just started easing up and accepting him as her son in law, and then when we unfortunately lost Sharon, she really let up at that point.”

Can Kandi and Phaedra be friends again? Or is the trust gone? Kandi admits it’s hard to maintain friendships while doing the show. “Once she and I resolve something,” she shares, “you guys bring up the old mess and it goes back into drama.” Kandi plans to reach out to Phaedra after the reunion airs.

Poll – Whose side are you on – Kandi or Phaedra?

Kandi – 47%

Phaedra – 53%


Photo Credit: Twitter