Phaedra Parks Officially Divorced From Apollo Nida; Doesn’t Miss NeNe Leakes; Headed To South Africa Again

“It’s finalized!” says Phaedra Parks of her long divorce from Apollo Nida.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star filed for divorce in 2014 when Apollo began serving an eight-year prison sentence for about three zillion counts of fraud. Since then, Phaedra has been focusing on her children and trying to disentangle herself from her marriage.

Now that she’s finally a single lady again, Phaedra is not entertaining the idea of reconciling with Apollo once he’s released, even if he IS a changed man!


“I never say never, but in this case, I don’t think that will be a possibility,” Phaedra informs vlogger Raq Rants. “At the end of the day, we’re friends and we have our kids together, so we’ll always be friends. We’ll always have a relationship.”

“I’ll always love him,” continues Phaedra to ABCNews, “but as far as being in love with him romantically, I’m definitely not at that place in my life anymore.”

So what does it feel like to be divorced? Well, to Phaedra it feels like being a failure! “I’m glad that I’m able to enter a new chapter in my life, but at the same time as a woman and, as probably an anal person, who’s very ambitious, you don’t want to be the most successful business person and be a failure at personal relationships.”

Phaedra shares that “where they feel [Apollo’s] absence” most is in her sons who look for a father-figure. Worrying about exposing her sons to a new man is why she’s is so hesitant to start dating again. Although perhaps a lil romance is in store for Mama Parks – she and Porsha Williams have joined a dating app! “We are trying to navigate those waters,” Phaedra laughs, “We’re very excited and happy about that.”

Ayden and Dylan are doing “very, very well,” however, although they haven’t seen their father in person since that lone visit filmed by Real Housewives Of Atlanta last season. Future visits are “not in our schedule at this time,” reveals Phaedra. Yeah, so much for that co-parenting thing.

As for Apollo’s reaction to being divorced, a source connected to the imprisoned former reality star tells TMZ that this is the first he’s hearing of it. Let’s hope his prison-pal Juicy Joe doesn’t suffer the same fate!

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Switching gears to the upcoming drama on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, apparently this season is all twisted up! “All the strong personalities make for a very exciting show,” muses Phaedra. “You get all that together and it’s like a whirlwind, honey! It’s like a tornado.” Is it… gone with the wind fabulous, then?!

Phaedra and Kenya are finally able to be in the same room together. Calling them friends is a “mis-characterization” Phaedra explains to Raq Rants, “but we are at place where we can do things together without it turning into a knock-down, drag-out fight.”

“BFF – no… But we have definitely evolved,” Phaedra continues. “This season we really got to be cordial. We actually had lunch a few times. She invited me to tea!” However Phaedra “doubts” she’ll be allowing Kenya anywhere near the vicinity of any men in her life.

Cynthia and I are in a better place. She was being a little mean with me last season. Of course now she’s going through the same thing I’m going through,” shrugs Phaedra.

Phaedra has no concerns about how RHOA will fare without NeNe Leakes‘ looming presence. This is the first season NeNe will have absolutely no role.

She’s gone,” confirms Phaedra. “I have nothing against NeNe, and I’m very happy for her success, but this is an ensemble cast; it’s not ‘The HouseWIFE,’ it’s the Housewives. Plural.”

“When people say, ‘It’s this person’s show…’ that’s not accurate, because if it was their show they would have a spinoff,” snarks Phaedra. “That’s not being shady,” she adds, “that’s just the truth.”

Finally, Phaedra, who has been devoting her time to political and humanitarian causes, is heading to South Africa next week to speak at the Essence Festival there. The RHOA cast traveled there a few seasons back and it was, well, a trip!

Phaedra Parks goes to South Africa

“Counting down the days to #EssenceFesticalDurban @essencefest! I will be speaking alongside @iamsteveharveytv @estelledarlings @neyo and many more!!” Phaedra posted to Instagram. “For more information about the event schedule and tickets please visit: #Essence #EssenceFestival #Durban @essence” [Credit]


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