Don't Be Tardy recap

If you watch Don’t Be Tardy, you know that Kroy Biermann is definitely the disciplinarian when it comes to his six kids with wife Kim Zolciak Biermann. He is not a man of many words, but he means every one that he says. He also has high standards, especially when it comes to what he expects from Brielle Biermann. The same goes for Brielle’s love life. Of course, Kroy has opinions about her new(ish) boyfriend Michael Kopech.

Brielle‘s been with her boyfriend, a Boston Red Sox minor-league pitcher, for a while at this point and we know Kim thinks Michael is a mini Kroy. But does Kroy himself feels the same way?


In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Kroy explained that he doesn’t have a lot to base his opinion when it comes to assessing Michael, but that’s actually a really good thing since it is because Michael is busy working. Kroy explained, “He’s definitely a very hard worker, so I really haven’t had a whole lot of opportunity to sit down with him or hang out with him or be around him, because he has been playing a lot. From what I have been around, he is a very nice young man.”

Well, that’s good. Everyone wants their child to be with someone who is a hard worker and good influence. So I’m sure Kroy is happy about Brielle‘s pick this time.

Even though Kroy doesn’t have a ton of personal experience with Michael to form an opinion, he does think it’s a good idea for Brielle to be spending time with Michael. Kroy explained that Michael has a “good head on his shoulders, dedicated to the opportunities that he has, understands where he’s at in his life and is doing it the right way. That’s really good to see. I think it’s good for Brielle to see another person her age that is having success and how they are going about it. I think that’s helping her.”

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That’s for sure. It doesn’t seem like a lot of what Kim and Kroy say in an effort to motivate Brielle really sinks in, so maybe it is better for her to be influenced on a peer level.

Kroy added, “It’s hard to relate to a parent or somebody that you don’t really know. But if you’re right next to an individual who’s doing it right there in front of you, you could kind of incorporate what they’re doing into your own life. I think they’ve been very good influences on each other so far. It’s been pretty neat to see her be excited about him.”

If Brielle is into this guy and he ends up being someone who can motivate her to work hard and reach her goals, it sounds like she picked a real winner. But only time will tell if Kim was right about Michael being just like Kroy. Hopefully he is because we all know how much being with Kroy changed Kim’s life for the better.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]