Don't Be Tardy recap

One story line on this season of Don’t Be Tardy is Kim Zolciak’s desire to have another child, which would be her seventh, with Kroy Biermann. Yikes. That sounds like a lot of kids to me. And then on top of that, Kroy already had a vasectomy, so that would make the process more difficult and complicated. Even so, these two do have a pretty strong relationship so I’m sure they would fare just fine.

Kim opened up about her desire to expand her family and how she makes their marriage work.


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kim admitted, “I have [19-year-old] Brielle [Biermann] with me here in LA, but the other five are at home, ’cause they’re in school and I really miss them. I am like, ‘Kroy, are you sure you don’t want more?’”

With that said, Kim admitted that once she’s back home, with all the kids, she comes to realize that six is enough. But…never say never. “We will see. We always talk about, when Kroy‘s finished in the NFL and I’m finished with TV, it would be nice to just have a baby, and enjoy it and not go back to work seven days after you have one.”

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Even though seven kids sounds like an insane amount to me, I could see these two handling that pretty well. Kim explained how they are all about their family life: “We are together 24/7, for sure. We don’t go out with our friends. We don’t go to bars. It’s really about, you know, him, me, and our family.”

Kim added, “We’re just very normal. We don’t have a whole bunch of staff, like everybody thinks. I think that’s important, so they can remember, I mean, we’re raising our children.”

That seems to be a big part of what makes their relationship work even with the millions of kids, reality TV cameras, and Kroy’s unclear future in the NFL.

Speaking of Kroy‘s football career, Kim shared, “He wants to be back on the field, he hopes to be back on the field, and he is not ready to retire. But we will see.”

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Kim explained how they help each other out when it comes to raising their kids and making sure they get one-on-one husband and wife time: “For example, if I’m doing the dishes, and he bathes the babies, and they all go to bed, then Kroy and I have the time together. Otherwise, I would still be doing the dishes and then I would not have that time with him. So, it is really important that, when the kids do go to bed, we have that one-on-one [time].”

It will be interesting to see if Kim and Kroy end up going through the medical procedures necessary to have a seventh child, and if this will play out on their show, which it most likely would.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]