Eden Sassoon "In Love With Love" - And With Lisa Rinna's Hair!

Eden Sassoon “In Love With Love” – And With Lisa Rinna’s Hair

Eden Sassoon is in love with her debut on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills this week – and has the hashtags to prove it! In her blog, Eden details her connections to Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards, and how her background has brought her where she is today.

Eden provides some backstory on her Pilates business: “After having two kids and a marriage that was falling apart, Pilates became my escape from reality. But, the reality was that I had stopped taking care of my mind, body and soul. Being the man that he was, my dad questioned what he saw falling apart and breaking his heart at the same time. He simply asked me, ‘What are you going to do with your life?’ I took that question to heart…and to therapy. Then I opened my first of two Pilates studios six months later. I wanted and needed to pay it forward to other women going through the same issues. Watch out world, here I come! #GameOn”


Excited to host Erika Girardi and Lisa R at her Pilates studio, Eden shares that she enjoyed her time with both ladies. (Ah, fresh faced newbie Housewife love!) “After 15 years of two degrees of separation, I was excited to have Lisa Rinna be a part of my world and my passion…Erika was reserved but rightly so! She was meeting a new person and was about to get her ass kicked by Amanda (our Eden by Eden Sassoon Pilates instructor). I think it’s only a matter of time before she realizes that I am a love bug and easy to get along with. And boy did she rock that braid for class!”

Eden also loves Lisa R’s love story with Harry Hamlin, which began in the most romantic of places – an eyeglasses store (ha!). “As a single girl in love with love, I thought it was really cool that Lisa and Harry Hamlin met at the Beverly Glen Centre where I own my Pilates studio. It’s fate. #EdensLoveStory”

The love story of Lisa R’s hairdo continues as well, it seems! “Lisa’s Rinna’s hair is iconic, and in my eyes, she wears it so very well. But, just as a reminder, there is no hair more iconic than #VidalSassoon hair. “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.” – Vidal Sassoon. #DontForgetIt”

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Though she’s at a good – and sober – place in her life these days, Eden has some rough days behind her, which include the loss of her sister, Catya, who co-starred in Tuff Turf with Kim as a teenager.

“So about my interesting life… There were four of us #Sassoon kids, and now there are three. My sister Catya, who was larger than life, found her peace in drugs and alcohol and did not wake up on January 1st, 2002. She left behind three children and three ex-husbands. When I look back on the 80s and my sister’s acting career, specifically Tuff Turf staring Kim Richards, I remember thinking, god she’s amazing. I wanna be just like her. She was the “cool” girl that everyone wanted to be like. Everyone was so ALIVE in the 80s, but I didn’t know that it was the drugs and alcohol talking. Don’t let me fool you… I’m four years sober from alcoholism and understand the struggle.”

Now, Eden can look forward to the struggle of navigating the tangled relationships and petty drama of RHOBH! She wonders, “I wonder how game night will go? Will I be nervous? Will Kim remember me? Will everyone be drunk? Will I look good? Do I even remember how to play games? The only games I’m comfortable playing are with men!”

Though rumors have been swirling that Eden and Kyle Richards may butt heads this season, for now Eden’s only got kind words for her costar in her blog: “I love how Kyle is so proud of her man and just wants a little more attention. He says it’s hard creating a brand, and maybe that’s my problem… it’s even harder to keep a brand alive. #Legacy”


Photo Credit: Richie Knapp/Bravo