Todd has shocking news for Porsha

Porsha Williams Opens Up About Her Desires To Be A Mother & To Find A Good Man For Phaedra Parks

To be honest, it’s hard to tell when Porsha Williams is reaching for a story line on Real Housewives of Atlanta and when her drama on the show is actually genuine. I guess that’s actually tough to figure out with pretty much every reality show, but it honestly did seem pretty random for Porsha to want a baby with her former flame, but she had no desire to actually date him. However, Porsha says she’s serious about wanting to be a single mother and on another note, she really wants her BFF Phaedra Parks to go from being a single mom to a mother in a relationship.

Porsha talked about her desire for motherhood in an interview with Porsha explained why she views being a single mom differently than most people might. She said, “I’ve made sure I have a great support system. I’ve worked very hard financially to secure a future for a child. It’s just something that I want now.”


It’s not just about financial security though. Porsha feels like her biological clock is ticking and she wants to be a mommy while she is still young. Porsha said, “The decision of having a child and not really putting the man first is just where I am. I’m 35 years old and I know that God has the right guy for me — but if it’s not until 40, 45 that’s OK, but I don’t want to wait that long to have a child while I can and while everything’s jumping and bumping and ready to go. I’m ready to take advantage of it.” Fair enough.

It didn’t seem like Porsha would have to be a single parent since her old flame Todd Stewart (who weirdly has the same last name as her ex husband Kordell Stewart) made it clear that he wants to be in a serious relationship with her. He even revealed that he quit his job after an Instagram video of he and Porsha went public and his company disapproved. I figured that Porsha would be jumping for joy that the man she wanted to father her child was also romantically interested her, but it just seemed like he scared her away from the idea.

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Porsha teased, “Throughout the season you’ll see me kind of wrestle with if I’m going to concentrate on the man or am I just gonna go for what I want — ’cause we do have some bumps in our relationship.” Sounds like a great story line- cue my skepticism-induced eye roll.

If that doesn’t work out, Porsha shared that she and Phaedra are working on their own dating app since they are both single and looking to mingle. Porsha revealed, “We want to do an app that would be a safe place for women and men who are serious about finding love.” I’m not sure how she would differentiate that from the countless dating apps that already exist, but I’m curious to see what factors these two would take into consideration when it comes to categorizing someone’s dating intentions as “serious.”

App or no app, Porsha has put in a lot of thought when it comes to the kind of man she envisions dating her bestie Phaedra and I have to admit that she has a very good train of thought with this one. Porsha explained, “Her kids still talk to their dad [and] they still have a relationship, so he’s there. [She needs someone] not to take his place, but someone who can be there and they see their mom being loved on. Somebody who is going to love her kids and really be a good man and be a good example.” That actually makes a lot of sense and I think it’s really big of her and wise to realize that Phaedra and the boys do not need a replacement, but someone who would complement their existing family dynamic.

It will be interesting to see how Porsha and Phaedra fare when it comes to finding love and possibly having babies, but I’m sure they will keep the fandom highly informed.

In the mean time, Porsha is keeping busy in her professional life. Porsha revealed on Instagram that she has a part on the new Fox show Star.  Porsha shared, “Sooo exciting…in studio doing a voice over for some of my lines in the hit TV show “Star” ! I’ll update you on which episode I will be in !” I can’t wait to see Porsha as an actress. That should be interesting… but then again I feel like we’ve seen her “acting” plenty of times with her story lines on RHOA– shade thrown.

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