Cynthia Bailey

The first rule of anger management classes is: Don’t talk about anger management classes! At least, that seemed to apply when Kenya Moore brought the taboo topic up with Porsha Williams on Real Housewives Of Atlanta this week. Although, let’s get real – Kenya wasn’t asking for information or clarity – girlfriend was itching to see Porsha pop off again. Cynthia Bailey doesn’t seem to understand this point though.

In her blog, Cynthia celebrates her move to the lake house and wonders why things got “so dramatic” at Phaedra Parks’ dinner. Cynthia begins by discussing her time as Kandi Burruss’ house guest: “I had a really fun time staying with Kandi. Although she didn’t seem that happy to see me when me (and my Fruit Loops) first I arrived at her house, we ended up having the best time. We spent hours laughing, talking, and watching movies.”


Although Kandi didn’t really expect Cynthia to take her up on the offer of crashing at her pad, Cynthia insinuates that the pleasure was all hers! (Kandi’s, that is.) “For the record, I am a wonderful house guest. I am very low maintenance, and I bring everything that I could possibly need. Febreeze included! She loved having me, and was an awesome host. We definitely bonded, and I’m sure she is counting the days for me to come back to visit.”

But Cynthia is ready to move on to her own digs at the lake now. She gushes, “I have officially moved into Lake Bailey, and I love it. It is so beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil. I feel like I am on vacation every day in my own home. Lake Bailey was my gift from me to me. I am so grateful to God for blessing me with this house.”

Regarding Phaedra’s dinner, at which everything took a left turn after Kenya needled questioned Porsha, Cynthia claims she is still baffled.

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Cynthia blogs, “I was actually surprised that it got so dramatic. Phaedra‘s glamping trip was going to be the first time that we all went away together for a few days since the altercation in the alley between Porsha and her friend Jamie at the Christmas party. The incident was never really discussed amongst all the ladies to my knowledge, and I am still not sure how or why it happened.”

Yes, but why was the anger management brought up THERE and THEN? Cynthia feebly attempts to explain that “there was some concern about this being our first trip together since the incident. Also, Kenya had mentioned to me that she had recently had lunch with Phaedra, and Phaedra told her that Porsha was in anger management and actually wanted to share the news with us.”

“It all seemed very positive, and was looking forward to the update. According to Kenya and Phaedra’s recent conversation, I thought this would be a great opportunity for Porsha to share what she felt comfortable sharing and move on,” claims Cynthia, who is either remaining willfully obtuse about the underlying shadiness of the situation, or is simply too overjoyed to be free of Peter Thomas to care about this messy drama anymore. In either case, she seems to be playing it safe this season. Not that I can blame her!


Photo Credit: Bravo