Meghan King Edmonds Will Not Return To Real Housewives Of Orange County; Tamra Judge Will

As we all suspected, Meghan King Edmonds is done with Real Housewives Of Orange County.

Multiple sources confirm Meghan will not return next season, although it’s not clear if she was fired, quit, or it was a mutual decision. After filming for season 11 wrapped, Meghan and Jim pretty much moved back to St. Louis, because Meghan wanted to be near family to raise her daughter Aspen.


Last season, Meghan often appeared frustrated and distant from RHOC as she went through her IVF journey and saw Heather Dubrow‘s true colors. Bravo hasn’t confirmed Meghan’s departure yet, but Us Weekly says it’s a done deal and Meghan won’t even be making appearances next season.

I’m suspecting Mrs. Edmonds III decided to focus on her family and avoid the drama, which I respect and appreciate, and after the lackluster drama she provided last season, the network was more than OK with that. Everybody wins.

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Meghan, the self-appointed but sadly ineffectual RHOC morality police, struggled to connect with the other women. It always seemed to me that she was pretty much ‘planted’ to do a job – aka, call out Vicki Gunvalsons boyfriend Brooks on faking cancer and be a ‘supporter’ for Heather. Admittedly, Meghan grew on me last season, but I still think leaving the show is the right choice. I will miss Jimmy Dad Jeans and his Jazz Hands, though.

There is a bright spot, however; Tamra Judge is back. Oh gee… who was worried she might actually leave?! After last season ended with Vicki and Shannon at an irrevocable impasse, rumors swirled that Shannon, along with Heather and Tamra, were threatening to quit if Vicki wasn’t fired.

Obviously, Vicki is back – she’s already possibly leaked the name of the new Housewife, and I’m guessing that Heather, Shannon, and Tamra’s threatening to quit was just that – idle threats. They pretty much do this every season, hopefully someone at Bravo finally sat them down to say, look – nobody cares about your silly fitness competitions or phony spiritual epiphanies, or hearing you convincing yourself that your cheating husband loves you, or Heather’s $45,000 microwaves – the show needs Vicki’s crazy, like her or not.

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Also, in case you didn’t hear – it’s Vicki’s show. Glad Andy understands.

Well, see you in season 12, bitches! Unless your name is Meghan, then catch you on the flip side. Hopefully that flip side does not mean Marriage Boot Camp where ex-Housewives and their nonsense go to malinger in their fifteen minutes of fame.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]